What is Boise's Got Faith?

Faith - Age 5
It all began with a sweet, little 5-year-old girl and her fight against leukemia.  It began with a menacing mountain, and an infamous race over that mountain.  It began with runners, walkers and the Boise community, coming together as one to honor a sweet little girl in her time of need.  It's about fighting the good fight.  It's about finishing the race.  It's about keeping the faith. (2 Timothy 4:7)

Shortly following her diagnosis of Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia (ALL) on January 10th 2012, Faith's Uncle Ryan became heart-broken.  Realizing that his niece, at only the age of 5, was now facing the biggest battle of her life, Ryan wanted to help, but had no idea how to go about helping his little sister's family cope with the strains of their daughter's newly diagnosed illness.  

Knowing that Faith's family would soon be responsible for medical and general expenses related to Faith's leukemia, Ryan spent the entire week following Faith's diagnosis, fasting and praying and seeking God's direction.  Knowing that Faith and her family would already be dealing with physical, emotional and mental stress on Faith's long road to recovery, Ryan's hope and prayer was that his life could be used for impact in helping to ease the stress of the financial burden caused by the situation.

Faith - Age 10
On the very last day of this week of fasting and praying, God touched Ryan's heart, telling him that he should simply do as he's always done:  Run the Race to Robie Creek TM.  Except this time, run it in Faith's honor.  After telling a few of his close running partners and friends what he planned on doing, they also became excited about the idea and wanted to be a part.  Since that time, what started as a few runners dedicating their 2012 Race to Robie Creek TM in honor of Faith, has since developed into something MUCH bigger than what Ryan had initially imagined it would be.

As more and more people became involved, out of love and support for Faith, Robie's Got Faith grew tremendously.  Since that first year, it has evolved and is now known as Boise's Got Faith (because these courageous kids have shown us that our faith needs to be bigger than a tiny creek in the Boise foothills), and the event now includes the Kids "Crazy Socks" Fun Run, the 5km Run/Walk, a Silent Auction as well as many games, activities, food and fun for your entire family to enjoy.

The Boise's Got Faith Leadership Team
Each year, Boise's Got Faith selects new children who are in the midst of fighting cancer, to stand with them and help support them emotionally and financially.  Boise's Got Faith no longer consists of just a few Race to Robie CreekTM runners. It is now made up of ANYONE in the community proud to wear a Boise's Got Faith shirt to help and support children in their fight against cancer.  Even if you're not a runner, or a walker, you can STILL be an integral part of this special event by participating in spirit and cheering for those who are running or walking.  Whether you run, walk or not, all that's required to become a part of this special event is to register.  When you do register, you will receive an official "Boise's Got Faith" shirt, and thanks to our wonderful corporate sponsors who have donated to cover the initial costs of all shirts and operational expenses for our event, 100% of the money received from your registration entry goes directly to benefit our selected Boise's Got Faith children for that year, to stand with them emotionally and help support them financially, while they endure the fight of their life.  Please be a part of Boise's Got Faith, and register today!