Friday, October 10, 2014

Lula's Scholars

Lula loved school and Lula loved people. 

In the Philippines, lots of kids are unable to go to school because their families simply cannot afford to send them. To have known this would have simply outraged Lula and she would've taken it upon herself to find a way to raise the money to make sure every kid could go to school. That's just who Lula was. That was her heart. That's why it is so very special to us, to hear of a new thing that's just getting started in the Philippines called, LULA'S SCHOLARS. It's in response to Lula's beautiful loving and giving spirit, and it is exactly what she would've done for these kids: Raise money, so that EVERY kid can receive the education that they need and deserve.

We will be providing more details regarding Lula's Scholars soon. In the meantime, please be thinking of how you can help keep Lula's joyful and loving spirit flowing, by partnering and pledging your support for this new and very worthy effort. Lula's Scholars is going to radically change lives!