Friday, September 26, 2014

Prayers for Linzi and Her Family

Linzi went in for her scans yesterday. According to her mom, everything went great! The bone marrow biopsy results are not expected back until Monday or Tuesday. So, please keep Linzi and her family in your prayers until then, that God would provide them with peace and remove any anxiety that they might be feeling, so that they can instead fully enjoy the upcoming weekend together as a family. Boise's Got Faith loves you, Linzi!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Brylee Starts the 2nd Grade!

Brylee's first day of 2nd Grade was yesterday. Here's the full report from her FB page, Brylee's Battle:

"Brylee has cleared Month 8 with good blood results. We have a wonderful summer and now 2nd grade started yesterday. Brylee is super excited to be back at school and ready to tackle the year. Here is her first day of school picture with Zayden who starts Kindergarten. She was a big help even creating a list for him on what to do to get ready the first morning of school."

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Only Two More Weeks of Treatment for Linzi!

Back in Alaska, Linzi's mom posted this update today. Only two more weeks until this sweet girl is all done with treatment. Boise's Got Faith can't wait! We love you, Linzi!

"On our way to Anchorage for Linzi's oncology appointment. We're used to taking a tram to the clinic but today it's a ten-seater airplane. Linzi also got to go on her first cab ride across town, which she absolutely loved. Appointment went great, she was a trooper for her blood draw. She will be starting her last round of Accutane (2 weeks) tonight and then will be completely done with treatment!"