Friday, February 28, 2014

Michaella "Lula" Coe's Obituary

"Lula chose to meet it head-on, accept her call to return home, and spend every possible minute in the heart of her family." Whatever your situation may be today here on this Earth, think of the wonder that Lula was and follow her lead. Make today count for something of eternal worth. We will always love you, Lula. You are forever in our hearts.

Lula's obituary can be read online here:

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Memorial for Michaella "Lula" Coe

Memorial service for Michaella "Lula" Coe will be held this Saturday, March 1st at 6:00pm at Vineyard Boise (4950 N. Bradley St., Garden City, ID 83714). It was Lula's adamant instruction that NOBODY wear black to her funeral, as she wanted her service to be a time of joy and celebration and full of color! So, please wear your bright colors! (Just so you know, Lu was particularly fond of purple and neon green.) Also, in lieu of flowers, Lula's wish was that people would remember her by making a donation to her very good friend Gideon Perkins to help his parents cope with medical expenses. Gideon has been battling an unknown lung disease, which has severely been affecting his health for several months now. You may make donation to Gideon, in memory of Lula, by following this link:

For everyone that will be joining us to celebrate and remember Lula this coming Saturday evening, we are requesting that you please bring a dessert to share, as we will be having a dessert potluck following the memorial service that evening. 

Please plan on joining us on Saturday evening at 6pm, and spread the word, as we come together to celebrate the wonderful life and inspiring bright light that was Ms. Lula Coe! We Love You, Lula!!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Tonight's Lula Update

UPDATE: Lu is sleeping a lot. We're feeling like she will probably pass away sometime, tonight. The kiddo has a strong heart, though, so I'll keep you posted. Please pray for a peaceful passing, no pain, and peace for our boys and family. And all of you, too. Loves.

Last Night's Lula Update

Last night's update from Lula's mom.  Thank you all for your ongoing prayers for Lula and her family!

"UPDATE: She's been really sleepy today, but mostly pain well managed. She got to see Beauty and the Beast (thanks to all of you who were ready to help out with that!), ate a good serving of wonderful lasagne from a good friend. Getting ready for bed - hoping for another sweet night of sleep."

Friday, February 21, 2014

Update from Lula's Mom

This afternoon's update from Lula's Mom:

"UPDATE: We had a hard talk, this morning, with our nurse about Lu's pain. Discussing if we get to the point where it isn't manageable, we will need to have a sedative on had to give her. We talked about the fact that, if we get to that point, she probably won't wake up. Lula cried. I cried.

In more flowery news, she got an arrangement from my brother's family the other day and, today, received this birdcage/fairyland arrangement from my friend Marcyand her co-workers at Wire Stone. Will at Flowers At Will made it for her. I think she liked it. LOL. You can see in the picture that she fell asleep while looking at all the little fairy stuffs inside and didn't want to let go of it.

She's sleeping again.

Thank yous for all your loves and prayers. ~Kat."

Morning Lula Update

Lula has had a very long and incredibly painful morning, and it's only 8am.  Her doses have been increased again, and her mom is requesting please no visitors today, Lula needs to sleep, and her mom needs much rest.

Keep Lula, her mom and her family close in your thoughts today, and take simple moments to pray and cry out for all of them.  

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Linzi on Valentine's Day Last Week

This is a photo of Linzi on Valentine's Day last Friday. Isn't she a cutie?? As you can see, her radiology nurse added a little Valentine's Day flair to her central line dressing that day. We're praying for you, Linzi!

Last Night's Lula Update

Last night's Lula update from close family friend, Monique:

"Lula is experiencing increased pain and is having intermittent difficulty breathing, despite being on oxygen. Please pray for her and her family - for continued courage, strength, and endurance, and equally for quiet, steady, and trusting hearts. God bless them... "

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Prayers & Love, Please

This evening's update from Lula's mom:

"Lu is having more trouble breathing, tonight. 
Prayers & Love, please."

We just love you so much, Lula.  You are such a special little girl.  Our hearts cry out to God.  We love you so very, very much.  

This Afternoon's Lula Update

This afternoon's Lula update from her mom:

"UPDATE: Lu's pain is being managed better, today. Doc says we'll be increasing her morphine on an every other day kind of schedule."

A Late Night Lula Update

Thank you all for your prayers last night. Here is a further update that Lula's mom posted late last night:

"UPDATE: The meds have kicked in and Lu is feeling much better. She's watching The Sound of Music. We've increased the hourly morphine dose, hopefully, it will help her through the night. Thank you all for your loves and prayers."

Monday, February 17, 2014

She Is Ours to Love

She has smiled and she has made us smile.  She has laughed and she has made us laugh.  Tonight she is hurting and we are hurting.  She is ours to love.  Please pray for Lula:

"UPDATE: Lu's really hurting, tonight. She is having pain in her front & back right side of her chest. It's "burning" again, so we've increased the morphine and the nerve medicine. Please pray for her."

Robie's Got Faith 2014

The Third Annual Robie's Got Faith One-Mile Kid's Run, 5K and Post-Race Party & Silent Auction

Sunday, May 4th at 1pm 
(In the previous two years, the Robie's Got Faith event has always been held on the day following the *Race to Robie Creek.  However, this year that Sunday happens to be Easter.  Therefore, a date outside of the Race to Robie Creek weekend had to be scheduled.)

Veterans Memorial Park in Boise, Idaho

Because we seek to love, honor, serve, pray and provide financial assistance for children who are faced with the dark reality of cancer.  Our goal is to bring these children hope, light, laughter and smiles and to release and remove the heavy financial burden that cancer imposes on their family.

Registration will be open soon, so please check back and stay-tuned!  When you do register to support and participate, please remember that 100% (that means every last single penny) of your registration fee and any additional donation goes directly to the child's family to assist in removing the financial burden of medical related expenses imposed by the child's cancer.

Now, most importantly . . . 

First, we want to be sure and acknowledge two little girls who we love and care for very much: 7 year-old Faith Canfield and 10 year-old Lula Coe, who have been the Robies Got Faith children in our previous two years of existence.  Both of these very special girls are courageously continuing their respective battles against cancer and we do love both of these girls very, very much.  Both of these two special little ladies are never far from our thoughts and they are always in our prayers.  We love you Faith and Lula!!

For this, our third year of existence as a charity event, Robie's Got Faith is very excited to announce that instead of one child, we have selected two very special little girls.  Without further ado, Robie's Got Faith is very happy and excited to introduce to you:  2 year-old Linzi Shoemaker and 7 year-old Brylee Gabby, this year's Robie's Got Faith children!  We look forward to serving, honoring and supporting these two very special children in the days, months and years to come:

Linzi was diagnosed with a stage IV pediatric cancer called Neuroblastoma (a tumor cancer of the nervous system) on June 22, 2013.  Linzi's family, originally from Idaho, had been living in Alaska where her dad was a carpenter and her mother was a nurse.  Due to the severity of Linzi's condition, and understanding that a vast majority of Linzi's time in the coming months, and possibly years, would be spent in Portland at Doernbecher Children's Hospital treating her cancer, Linzi's mom and dad quit their jobs, sold their house and moved to Portland, where they now live in a Ronald McDonald House.  

Linzi has already undergone 6 rounds of chemotherapy, and has undergone a major abdominal / thoracic surgery to remove 2 tumors.  She also underwent a stem cell transplant complicated by a central line infection and spent 6 weeks hospitalized at Doernbechers Children's Hospital at OHSU.  She is currently receiving 3 weeks of radiation to her abdomen and knees (the locations where her cancer still remains.) Following radiation, she will begin a 6 month treatment called antibody therapy, which will hopefully prevent the cancer from returning.  Overall, Linzi is doing excellent with her treatment. When she was initially diagnosed in June of 2013 she was unable to walk or stand. Now she can run, jump, and keep up with her brother and sister.

Linzi has two brothers, Levi age 7 and Luke 11 months, and a sister, Lyla age 5.  Linzi is always very happy, and very social--she loves talking on the phone. She loves music and loves to dance. She loves baby dolls, princesses and especially her Daddy.  She is always smiling and brings our family much joy.

7 year old Brylee, her younger brother Zayden and her mom and dad are from Nampa, Idaho.  Brylee is a sweet, smiling, and endlessly positive little girl who loves her family, her friends, her church (Ten Mile Christian Church), her school (Calvary Christian School), gymnastics and soccer.

During a family vacation last summer on the Oregon Coast, Brylee began to have difficulty walking and over the course of 36 hours was diagnosed with Acute Myelogenous Leukemia (AML) and secondary chloromas on the spine.  (AML is the lesser known type of leukemia and is rare in children as less than 500 cases are recorded annually worldwide.)  In that time, she became paralyzed from the chest down and eventually underwent emergency surgery to reduce the impingement of the spine with the intent of reversing the paralysis.  Brylee started chemotherapy five days later and her family began to understand what her course of treatment would look like.  AML is extremely aggressive and the doctors believe Brylee’s disease had only been present for 4-6 weeks when it was detected.  Certain subtypes of AML are believed to be highly responsive to chemotherapy and Brylee was determined to have one of those types.  

Four intensive in-patient chemotherapy phases were determined and her family stayed the first cycle in Portland at Doernbecher Children's Hospital and then returned to St. Luke's Children's Hospital in Boise for the other three.  In addition, while Brylee felt sensations in her feet and legs immediately after surgery, she remained paralyzed and unable to make intentional movement for three weeks.  

Over the course of the last five months, she has been learning to sit, stand, balance and walk.  Brylee discharged January 12, 2014 having completed the four cycles and we learned February 12, 2014 remission was achieved.  Her cancer treatment is complete and now begins the phase where her health will be monitored monthly for relapse over the next two years.  She continues out-patient rehab to hopefully regain more natural movement in her legs with her goal to someday be able to run and jump again.

Brylee's current situation can be best described by her mother, "Our family is currently stable and we are celebrating cautiously Brylee’s remission. We have a battle ahead of us and we know whatever path we go down will be led by God.  We are unsure about our future, but we will continue to trust and have faith that God will take care of us!"

*Robie's Got Faith is not affiliated, nor has any association, with the Race to Robie Creek TM or the Rocky Canyon Sailtoads TM

Monday, February 10, 2014

Thankful for a Good Weekend For Lula

Here is the most recent update from Lula's mom, giving a recap of this past weekend:

"UPDATE: This was a good weekend. All the kiddos home for three days. I love my kids so much. Their dad was over Friday and Saturday and they had fun playing games and hanging out together. Lu hasn't had any pain in her leg since the radiation and that is such a huge relief. She is still having pain in her back from dumb old Art the Heart Tumor, but she's not pushing her morphine button very often - nothing like the last couple of weeks. 

Today, SeanPatrick brought Joe into the back yard, up to the deck, so that Lu could go out and give him some loves and some carrots and sugar cubes. It's the first time in ... way too long, that she's felt like doing that. So nice to see her get even just a couple minutes of horsey/sunshine time. I took pictures - I'll post some in the next couple of days.

I want to clarify, in case there has been any confusion: this set of radiation treatments will not be an ongoing thing. They did the 5 treatments and that is all we plan on doing. The issues elsewhere in her body are not going to respond to radiation therapy the way her leg did. This was able to alleviate the pressure on the nerve bundle in her leg, but we are not going to radiate her chest or abdomen area - that would nauseate her - and there's NO way I would allow her to go through a treatment that would make her have to deal with throwing up all day, on top of what she already endures.

Our hospice nurse mentioned that a lot of patients seem to have a kind of inner sense of how much time they have left, here. We talked about that a month ago, or so. When I asked her how she is feeling about that, these days, her reply was that she's pretty sure she's going to be here for her birthday - May 5th.  
That's our girl, for you! 

In the meantime, she has her sights on seeing the new Muppet Movie when it comes out - March 21st. And, I made a promise a while ago, that if she's still with us in April, Sean and I will do whatever it takes to get her to see Wicked at the Morrison Center! This girl has plans! 

I'm trying to take every day for the gift it is and not worry about how many more we'll have. It's easier some days than others, but that's where we're trying to keep our focus, around these parts. 

Loves and Blessings to You All. And so much more gratitude and thanks than I could ever hope to express.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Some Good News and Answered Prayers for Lula and Her Mom

Some good news and answered prayers for Lula and her mom.  The radiation is helping to subside the pain that Lula has been recently experiencing, and a dumping of the white stuff has shut down Boise schools today, so that Lula and her siblings can all spend some quality time together at home.  Thank you all for your support and prayers for Lula and her family!  Here's last night's update from her mom:

"UPDATE: Lu is feeling pretty good - just sleepy. We are currently enjoying healthy doses of blatant racism and sexism in the form of Disney's Peter Pan. Seriously. Do you remember this stuff? Sheesh. 

The radiation is definitely working - she hasn't been having the screaming pain since we started it. She *is* on higher doses of morphine, but that is mainly for the pain in her chest and back from the heart tumor (She named it "Art"). 

I love my kids. I am secretly hoping for a big huge snow day so that I can have the excuse to have them all home for three days, straight."

Monday, February 3, 2014

Lula Update

For everyone who loves Lula and has been praying for her throughout the day, here's this evening's update from her mother:

"UPDATE: We had a really long day today. At the clinic from 9:30 to about 3:00. They did her first dose of radiation on the leg tumor - hopefully, after this week she'll get a bit of relief from the pain that booger is causing. 

The scans today didn't show us good news, I'm sorry to report. The cancer has spread, basically, everywhere. The pain she's having in her side and back are most likely from the liver which has a large tumor in it that is growing and pushing everything around. Also, Doc said that the tumor near her heart basically looks like it's part of her heart, now. There isn't any separation between them.  Doc is in awe of our girl. He can't believe how well her lungs are still functioning on their own with all the lesions they have. 

Trying to keep our heads up and stay positive. 
Loves to all of you from our Almost-A-Farm."

Please Pray for Lula Today

Last night's update from Lula's Mom:

UPDATE: Lu's had a bit of a hard day. All the morphine to help with the pain is making her really constipated. We're trying lots of stuff to get her moving again. She threw up a lot this afternoon but then had a really long nap, woke up feeling better, ate a good dinner and is smiling. She'll be heading to bed early tonight, with fluids running, so that she's hydrated for tomorrow. 

9:30 tomorrow morning, we go in for her first radiation appointment for the leg tumor. Originally, the plan was to do 10 sessions, but Doc says they are going to try to get it done in 5, with stronger doses, because he knows how much she doesn't like leaving the house. We might try to get her to consent to a CTscan sometime this week (mostly for Mama's terrible prognosticating).

Thank you all for your love and support, it means so much to us! 

And Please! Pray for our friends, the Perkins. Gideon (age 10) is in Cincinnati for more testing and meets with pulmonary specialists. There is talk of the need for a lung transplant.