Friday, January 31, 2014

Update from Lula's Mom

Update from Lula's Mom:

"UPDATE: We had the worst night, so far, last night. The nerve pain in her leg had her screaming that her leg was on fire. It was terrifying. We were on the phone with (wonderful) doc and our (wonderful) hospice nurse at 4 in the morning. Screaming for Sean. Clawing my back. It was terrible. I did a lot of sobbing by her bedside. 

At some point, SeanPatrick said, "Brooke (our hospice nurse) said to take this." He fed me meds and put me to bed. Then, he took care of the girl, got all the boys to school, did the morning chores (feeding horses, chickens, dogs, bringing in wood for the fireplace) before he lied down to rest, again. Then, at one, he was up and went off to work. I may have married a superhero. I am outrageously blessed by this man.

We've adjusted the meds again & once she gets all this fricking morphine out of her system, she should be a bit less groggy.

I'll try to post another update tonight. Loves to you all."

Prayers for Comfort

Close family friend, Monique, just shared with us this update regarding Lula this morning:

Kat texted in the wee hours of the morn asking for prayer due to the excruciating pain Lula had been in for several hours. Doc and nurse were both involved as they struggled to safely bring the pain under control. Please lift up this hurting family this morning.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A Series of Lula Updates

For all of you who have been faithfully praying for Lula over the course of the past week, below are a series of updates that her mom has posted, since we last provided an update:

*  *  *

January 21st
UPDATE: We got Lula set up on a PCA morphine pump. That means that she is in control of dispensing her pain meds. She can dose up to every 10 minutes. We've also increased her nerve meds to 3x a day. She is resting well right now and was a bit more of her smiley self this afternoon. Mama's heart is lighter when the girl isn't screamycrying. 

In other news, Zander is stressing over a drum solo - but his teacher is coming tonight and hopefully that will help. Gabriel has been working on "Nothing Else Matters" on his guitar and he's doing GREAT. Chaz had his first basketball game (I didn't get to go but my mama took him and took photos) - he scored, twice! Yea!

And Sean, we're ready for you to come home!

January 22nd
UPDATE: Today has been a much better day. The pump is making a huge difference for Lula. I think she & I both have a bit of a stomach bug that we are trying to kick, but her pain has stayed below a "2" all day, so that is a win, for sure. Thank you all for your Love & Prayers.

January 24th
UPDATE: Well, things are a little messy at our little Almost-A-Farm. Lu's pain is definitely better, the pump is helping so much. She and I have had a crzy stomach (which started with Chaz, who passed it to Sean...) but she seems to be feeling a lot better today. We're working on it. Then, Gabriel came home today, puking. So, waaah. 

The good news is, Zander is made of steel. And awkward conversational interjections.

January 27th (morning)
UPDATE: Lu had quite a bit of pain this morning. She's feeling better, pain-wise, but she's groggy from the meds. I think I'm mostly done with this stupid stomach bug and Gabriel feels a lot better today, but I can't find any energy. Any. I've taken all my vitamins and I've eaten real food, but I'm so freakin' tired. Just totally wiped out. Pray me up some energy, if you've got it. Thanks, peoples. We love you.

January 27th (afternoon)
UPDATE: Lu has had some bloody mucous in her tissues when she blows her nose and clears her throat. We are hoping that it's just a sinus infection and she's going to start some antibiotics tomorrow... this is scary. 

I really don't want this to happen. 

Other than the bloody stuff, she's been feeling pretty good...

January 27th (evening)
We prayed with the twins tonight. They prayed for all the people in their lives, "even the mean ones," their daddy, all the animals and their habitats and then, healing. And if not healing, a peaceful passing without pain. 

I snuggled in with Chazzy afterwards. He had his headphones on and was looking like he was about to cry. He put one of the earbuds in my ear and this is the song that was playing. We just held each other for a while and cried together. We'll get through this together, I told him. And then we'll have forever, he said.

January 28th (morning)
Lula slept really well last night. She's feeling good, this morning, hanging out with Chaz, watching Robin Hood. No coughing. 

A little sleep helps Mama's heart. And then, maybe some more after that?

January 28th (evening)
UPDATE: Lu had a much better day. We realized that she's been using her oxygen a lot more, over the last week, and the the O2 has a tendency to dry out nasal passages and cause bleeding. So, we hooked the machine back up to the "bubbler," which adds moisture and, voila!, problem solved! (So far.) Still, such a relief, considering all the other options of what could have been going on.

In other news the boys all brought home report cards and they had mostly A's, a few B's and a couple of C's. I am proud of how they are handling all that's going on in their lives, while maintaining their grades. They really ARE remarkable young men.

In other, other, news, Zander (the Man of the Iron Stomach) has been taken out by this stomach bug. The kid NEVER gets sick and he is laid up, tonight, tummy cramping like crazy. Poor fella.

*  *  *

Lula continues to need all of your prayers, her mom needs all of your prayers, her dad needs all of your prayers, her brothers need all of your prayers as well as everyone else in her family.  So, please continue to be faithful in praying and crying out for Lula, and please keep her close in your hearts and in all of your thoughts.

We Love You, Lula!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

All of Our Prayers and All Our Love Lula

This morning's Lula update from her mother:

"UPDATE: Lu's had a wobbly day. She was feeling better, just occasional crampy pain but, by the end of the night, she threw up everything she'd eaten for the day.  After two strawberries and a bathtub with lavender oil (thank you, Gail), she felt well enough to have about half of a bowl of cereal. 
She's sleeping, now. 

In other news, I had a bawling mama day. I tried (I swear I did!) to keep it in the bathtub, but was unsuccessful. Sean just held me for the longest time and said nothing - which was perfect. Then, he brought Lu in so we could have some snuggle time. After which, he went out in the backyard and threw a chair around for a while, because when you're the man and you can't fix her tears, some other things have to suffer, sometimes. While Lu and I were snuggling and talking, I said something like "I don't want to be away from you! I hate this! I don't know why this has to happen...", to which she responded by taking a deep breath, brushing my hair back from my face and saying, "It's a mystery, Mama. It's just a mystery." 


All of our prayers and all of our love, Lula.  We love you so much!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Last Night's Lula Update

Lula's mom shared this update last night:

"UPDATE: Lula has been having more pain - mostly in her leg. Doc thinks the big tumor is squishing the nerve bundle and that's what's causing the pain. We were thinking she was starting a new med tonight - but we'll actually start it tomorrow night. For now, she's still happy smiley Lula for most of the time! Thank you all, again, for your love and support. And the MEAL TRAIN. Seriously. You guys are amazing. I can't wait till the day I can return some food karma!"

Speaking of the MEAL TRAIN, dates for this Meal Train have now been extended through the end of January.  With Lula struggling with pain a bit more, now is a critical time for us as a community to make sure that we're supporting this family in whatever way possible.  One of the best ways to do this, is to make sure that we keep Lula's parents out of the kitchen, so that they can devote their time focusing on Lula's pain-management and comfort, and giving her as much of their love as possible.  We encourage everyone to please sign up on the Meal Train to take them dinner one night.  If you've already taken them a meal in the past, please consider doing it again.  To sign up, please CLICK HERE.

Most importantly, we ask you all to please continue to pray.  Lula's mom can attest, your prayers are making a difference in their lives.  So, please continue to hold this family up and support them by praying for them throughout the day. 

Thank you all! 


Thursday, January 9, 2014

This Afternoon's Lula Update

Lula in her unicorn hat, made
for her by a caring supporter
(Thanks for the cute pic, Monique!)
This afternoon's Lula update, shared by her mother about an hour or so ago:

"Lu's had a pretty good morning, in spit of early morning pain.  I think we're staying ahead of it now, with add-on pain pills.  She's put herself down for a nap, fire crackling in the fireplace, The Last Unicorn playing . . . makes me sleepy, too!

Thanks for all of your jujus.  Love you peeps."

A Mom's Request for Prayer

Lula with the little animal creations
that she sculpted out of clay on
Tuesday this week.
Lula's mom has sent us a request to please be praying for comfort for Lula today, as they are having a difficult time managing her pain right now:

"Lu's up and cheery, but still feeling pain through the morphine last night and today, especially in her tumor leg.  She's hungry, so I'm off to 'scribble' some eggs for her.  Pray for comfort today, please."

We are asking everyone to please acknowledge this request for prayer throughout the day today, and please ask for comfort and no pain for Lula.

Thank you!  We love you, Lula!

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Please Pray, and then Pray More

We received an update from Lula's mother this afternoon.  She told us that Lula's heart rate is very high right now, and the pain is pushing its way through the pain medication.  Lula is in pain this afternoon and is fighting.  Her mother tells us that Lula is very quiet right now, but despite the pain, discomfort and increased heart rate, she continues to show her smile.

As family, friends and community, we have all come to know and love Lula, and now it is our responsibility, but more importantly our amazing privilege, to intercede on Lula's behalf through our prayers to God, that He would bring her relief from this pain and be her comfort and peace moment-to-moment as this day progresses.  And so, we ask everyone to please be praying for the pain to decrease and for her comfort to increase as this afternoon progresses into evening.  Pray for comfort, peace and rest for Lula as the evening approaches, and an overwhelming and incomprehensible sense of peace and calmness for her family in her house.  We are praying for you, Lula and family, and we, of course, love you all so very much.