Saturday, December 20, 2014

December 12th Brylee Update:

Brylee only has a couple more days of Chemo left in this cycle and has already received some very special visitors. The first night of this round started a little rough with a low grade fever and some nausea and vomiting but the next few nights have gone much better. She even slept in this morning snuggled up with her mom and dad right by her side. As before, Brylee is handling all of this with humor, feistiness, and strength that puts a lump in our throats and brings us to tears. There are no words to express how thankful we are for that and for all who are supporting her and the family in so many ways. Your love and kindness have been such a blessing in this whirlwind of emotions. To all who have reached out with calls, texts, meals, visits, running errands, and just being "present", we Thank You! Through the grace of God we will get through this. Please keep praying for Brylee, Zayden and Rob and Monica. As Christmas approaches, we will pray for all of you as well. We will pray for peace, comfort, health, and that you feel the love of Christ, knowing that through him we will all find peace and rest.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Be The Match Donor Drive is in the Works

Please don't forget to take time out of your day to lift Brylee and her parents up in your prayers.  Please read the below update, and please consider being a part of the "Be The Match" donor drive that is in the works.  Being a part of this donor drive is a very practical and direct way that you can be helping Brylee in her fight:

"As the sun rises this morning and another day full of emotions begins, we are trying to focus on being thankful. Most of the last few days "Thankful" was not the emotion that was taking center stage, but today in the midst of heartbreak, we are trying to be thankful. Not for what is, that we cannot control, but for Brylee's strength and for all of you who have rallied around her to once again to support her and her family in this battle. Brylee is admitted now and beginning Chemotherapy again and handing all of this like a true champion. Every day brings frustration, anger, sadness and fear...but today we are reminded of the kindness and generosity of others. We are so thankful for such amazing friends and family and the support of so many that have never even met Brylee. There are still a lot of decisions to be made and plans change by the day, but a repeated question by many is, "How can I help? Where can I donate blood or become part of the bone marrow registry?". That is what we are thankful for. The reality is that the likelihood of a match being found by a family member or friend here in Boise for Brylee is slim. But, YOU could be a match for a child just like her somewhere else waiting for a donor and hoping that someone will be able to help. There have been some posts and emails about joining Be The Match and that is a great option as well as Delete Blood Cancer and a few others. They both can send a kit directly to your house and you swab your cheek and send it back with no cost to you, but there is another option that a new friend has brought to our attention. There is a bone marrow "drive" that the director of Be The Match is flying in for the end of January and she would like to do this in honor of Brylee. The details are still in the planning stages and we will keep everyone updated as they come about, but for now you can know that we are working on making this an easy way for all who want to help to come get their cheeks swabbed and support Brylee. The date of the event, as we learn more about it, will be posted here and Rob and Monica are trying to keep everyone updated the best they can, but their attention right now is on thier sweet girl and surrounding her with love and comfort. Again, please know that we are so thankful for all of you and trust that God will heal Brylee once again."

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Heavy Hearts, Prayers Needed for Brylee and Her Family

It is with a heavy heart today that I am posting an update. Sadly, we learned through Brylee's recent visit to the hospital with some facial paralysis and a terrible ear infection that her Leukemia has returned. While she was under anesthesia for her surgery to relieve the pressure on her facial nerve from her ear infection, they did a bone marrow biopsy and discovered the Leukemia is back. Her blood samples, so far, were still looking clear at her most recent visits, and her MRI results don't show any tumors on her brain or spine, to which we are extremely thankful. Because of the rapid growth of her last tumors, the doctors are moving quickly to begin her treatment and again achieve remission. Brylee went to St. Luke's Children's Hospital this morning to have a long term port (Hickman) placed for her IV access over the next few months of treatment. She will begin Chemotherapy again tomorrow and will be in the hospital for the next little while. This time will be a little different, as Brylee will undergo 1-3 cycles of Chemo to achieve remission, then she will need to go to a bigger hospital (still to be determined) for a bone marrow transplant. As you can imagine, there are a lot of decisions to make, a lot of plans up in the air, and a completely heartbroken family trying to navigate through this process. Please know that each text, call, message and prayer are received and appreciated, but there is so much to be done, it is hard to respond to them all. Brylee is a fighter and shows such strength through all of this, that we will continue to be prayerful for quick remission, an exact bone marrow match, and ultimately, a complete recovery. Many have asked what they can do to help, and at this time, all we can ask you to do is pray. Pray for Brylee to have grace and peace and to not be afraid. Pray for Rob and Monica to have strength. Pray for Zayden to understand something that the rest of us don't and to not lose faith in our loving God who will see us through this. As time moves on, we will give information to those of you who wish to be on the Bone Marrow registry, for not only Brylee, but any other person who finds themselves in the midst of this battle. Thank you all for your love, and we will try to keep you updated the best we can. We keep reminding ourselves, "We can do all things through Christ who gives us strength". Philippians 4:13

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Thankful For This News:

This afternoon, lots of thankful hearts. Thank you for your prayers today. Here's some good news from Brylee's folks:

"Thank you all for your prayers, kind words and thoughts this morning. Brylee underwent blood work and an MRI of the brain and spine today emergently after waking up with a right side paralysis of her face. Everything was negative for any return of Cancer, thank goodness!!! She has a major sinus and inner ear infection causing Bell's Palsy (the face paralysis). Unusual, but something that they see when a facial nerve gets impinged. We are so grateful for something that appears to be minor in the grander scope of her history. She is at home resting after the unplanned excitement today and we are hopeful antibiotics will clear up the infection. If not, we may need a minor surgery to assist the drainage. We are grateful to have a team behind our warrior! Thank you."

Rob and Monica

Update on Brylee:

Thank you all for the prayer. Brylee woke up with paralysis on the right side of her face. They are doing an emergent MRI of the brain and spine and we are waiting now. They expected it to take a couple of hours before we would see her and know anything. She is strong and we know we are in good hands. Praying for strength and comfort as the day progresses.

Please pray for Brylee!

Please take a moment right now and say a prayer for Brylee. We don't know any details, but know she is headed to the ER and needs our prayers.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Lula's Scholars

Lula loved school and Lula loved people. 

In the Philippines, lots of kids are unable to go to school because their families simply cannot afford to send them. To have known this would have simply outraged Lula and she would've taken it upon herself to find a way to raise the money to make sure every kid could go to school. That's just who Lula was. That was her heart. That's why it is so very special to us, to hear of a new thing that's just getting started in the Philippines called, LULA'S SCHOLARS. It's in response to Lula's beautiful loving and giving spirit, and it is exactly what she would've done for these kids: Raise money, so that EVERY kid can receive the education that they need and deserve.

We will be providing more details regarding Lula's Scholars soon. In the meantime, please be thinking of how you can help keep Lula's joyful and loving spirit flowing, by partnering and pledging your support for this new and very worthy effort. Lula's Scholars is going to radically change lives!

Friday, September 26, 2014

Prayers for Linzi and Her Family

Linzi went in for her scans yesterday. According to her mom, everything went great! The bone marrow biopsy results are not expected back until Monday or Tuesday. So, please keep Linzi and her family in your prayers until then, that God would provide them with peace and remove any anxiety that they might be feeling, so that they can instead fully enjoy the upcoming weekend together as a family. Boise's Got Faith loves you, Linzi!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Brylee Starts the 2nd Grade!

Brylee's first day of 2nd Grade was yesterday. Here's the full report from her FB page, Brylee's Battle:

"Brylee has cleared Month 8 with good blood results. We have a wonderful summer and now 2nd grade started yesterday. Brylee is super excited to be back at school and ready to tackle the year. Here is her first day of school picture with Zayden who starts Kindergarten. She was a big help even creating a list for him on what to do to get ready the first morning of school."

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Only Two More Weeks of Treatment for Linzi!

Back in Alaska, Linzi's mom posted this update today. Only two more weeks until this sweet girl is all done with treatment. Boise's Got Faith can't wait! We love you, Linzi!

"On our way to Anchorage for Linzi's oncology appointment. We're used to taking a tram to the clinic but today it's a ten-seater airplane. Linzi also got to go on her first cab ride across town, which she absolutely loved. Appointment went great, she was a trooper for her blood draw. She will be starting her last round of Accutane (2 weeks) tonight and then will be completely done with treatment!"

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Dollar Seller to Donate 10% of All Transactions to Boise's Got Faith

Local and talented web designer and developer, Casey McMullen, has been a loyal Boise's Got Faith supporter from day one. He and his company are about to launch a brand new website called Dollar Seller. What does this have to do with Boise's Got Faith? LOTS! Read Casey's blog entry that he posted this morning to find out why ALL OF YOU should be excited about this new online selling community, and what they'll be doing to help support the kids that we love and serve. After you've done that, go ahead and "Like" Dollar Seller on Facebook, then go to and pre-register today to get your first 3 listings for free and to support this local company that will, so generously and exclusively, be supporting Boise's Got Faith.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Sweet Friends

You know this update from Linzi's mom makes us here at Boise's Got Faith smile. We are so grateful that God brought these two girls together and is building between them a special bond and friendship. THIS makes us smile:

"Super fun evening with the Gabby family sharing stories and encouraging one another in our journeys with cancer this last year. Way to go Brylee and Linzi, our cancer warriors!! And they also happen to be best friends! Somehow Linzi knows she has a connection with Brylee and she's someone special!"

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Adios, Doernbecher

Cancer-free Linzi walking out the doors of Doernbecher Children's Hospital, hand-in-hand with her daddy, for the very last time. A special snapshot in time for a very special little girl and her family.

Friday, August 1, 2014

She's All Done, Folks!

She is ALL DONE with inpatient treatment, folks! Boise's Got Faith thanks God for Linzi's healing and are grateful that she can now get back to simply being a kid! We love you, Linzi! Here's yesterday's update from Linzi's mom:

"Linzi's last inpatient day in the hospital!! We are celebrating--One of Linzi's best friends (Mya) came to visit!! Linzi had a party with The Children's Cancer Association and graduated from the Chemo-Pal program. We will greatly miss Erin and all she has done for our family. Yet it also feels amazing to be done with treatment!"

Monday, June 30, 2014

Linzi Begins Round 4 of Antibody Therapy

Linzi checked into the hospital late last night.  Please be sure to keep her and her family in your prayers, as you read this update from her mom:

"11 pm and Linzi is headed up to the hospital to start Antibody round 4 in the morning. She chose her hospital outfit consisting of Jammie's, a Snow White costume, princess shoes, and her new purse from "Grandma Sue." Plus she is one happy girl to be taking her Daddy with her!"

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Linzi's Recent CT Scan is Clean!

There was some nervousness yesterday, as Linzi went in for her CT scan. Back in March Linzi had an MIBG scan, which revealed some highlighted patches on her liver, which was cause for concern that new tissue may be growing.
But, Linzi's parents (and many other people) prayed and prayed yesterday. Following yesterday's CT scan, the news was very good, indeed!
From Linzi's mom:
"Word is in...Linzi's CT scan looks great! Nothing even questionable. So we are praising The Lord and eating popcorn for dinner! Thank you all for your prayers."

Friday, June 6, 2014

Happy Birthday, Linzi!

Today is Linzi's Birthday! She is now 3 years-old!

Have a Happy Birthday, Linzi! We love you!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Results Are In!

THE OFFICIAL RESULTS ARE IN: This year, for the 3rd Annual Boise's Got Faith event, a grand total of $30,000 was raised! 100% of this amount will go directly to Linzi and Brylee's funds, to assist them and their families with medical-related expenses that they may encounter as these two beautiful and courageous girls continue their fights and recovery against cancer. The Boise's Got Faith organization is so very thankful for all of YOU for pouring out your love, lifting these girls in prayer and for your very generous financial support, as they continue to bravely and courageously fight the cancer that has touched their lives. Thank you, and God bless all of you for your very BIG and caring hearts, and for playing such a HUGE part in making this year's event so successful, and such an amazing time of smiles, laughter and fun for all!



Thank You to Famous Dave's Bar-B-Que!

Following our 3rd Annual Boise's Got Faith event, we want to once again thank Famous Dave's Bar-B-Que of Meridian for providing and serving tasty BBQ to over 600 registered participants at our event. Thank you Wes Phares and the rest of the gang at Famous Dave's for your love and support, and for helping make this year's event, truly special...and tasty!

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Boise's Got Faith is Tomorrow!

The 3rd Annual Boise's Got Faith takes place tomorrow, beginning at 1pm at Veterans Memorial Park, and we are ready and so excited to to honor, celebrate and support 2 year-old Linzi Shoemaker and 7 year-old Brylee Gabby in their courageous fights against cancer.

Just a few things you should know, and a few reminders for tomorrow's event:

1.  For those of you who have already registered, and were not able to make it to pick up your shirt and packet on Friday, you can pick these up tomorrow at our registration table before the event.  Our registration table will be open for shirt and packet pick up beginning at 11:30am.

2.  If you, your family or your friends have not yet registered, but would like to, you can still register in-person before the start of the event.  The event starts at 1pm, and the registration table opens at 11:30am.  So, if you have not registered and you do want to be a part, be sure to show up early, so that you give yourself enough time to get signed up to participate.

3.  In your packet, you will find a meal ticket.  You will need to present this at the event tomorrow, so that you can enjoy the tasty food that will be served by Famous Dave's Bar-B-Que.  So, don't forget to bring that with you.  Also, you will find a couple of prayer cards, one for Linzi and one for Brylee.  We are hoping that you will take a moment to write a prayer or some words of encouragement for Brylee and Linzi, and drop these in the beautifully painted milk jugs (beautifully painted courtesy of Kat Smith, Lula Coe's mother) that we will have at the turn-around points on the course tomorrow.

4.  We want to remind all of the kids that will be at tomorrow's event, to wear your brightest, most colorful and crazy socks!  We are asking the kids to wear these, so that we can properly remember and celebrate the life of beautiful Michaella "Lula" Coe.  Colorful and crazy socks were one of Lula's most favorite things to wear, so we are hoping to see all of the kids at tomorrow's event showing off the most brightest and colorful socks that they can find!

5.  Finally, for the adults: bring your wallets!  Tomorrow's event features a silent-auction, featuring many amazing items and packages, including:  A BBQ for you and 20 friends, hosted by the Boise Fire Dept. and their Boise State Bronco Fire Truck, a Sun Valley Golf Package for four, A Two Night's Stay at Tamarack with Golf for Two, a One Night Stay at Shore Lodge, a signed Kellen Moore Detroit Lions football, and many, many other great auction items.  100% of silent-auction proceeds goes directly to Linzi and Brylee, so bring your wallets, and bid big with your hearts!

We look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow, and we thank you all for your love, support and encouragement for Linzi, Brylee and their families.  Tomorrow is going to be a beautiful day of love, smiles and laughter, as we come together as friends, family and community and stand beside these two sweet girls and support them in their fight.

We thank you all for your participation and all of your support.  See you all tomorrow!

In Faith,
Boise's Got Faith

Monday, April 28, 2014

Registration Fees Increase $5 at Midnight Tonight

Currently, the registration fee for the Kids One-Mile Run is $15 and the 5K Run/Walk & "SPIRIT" participation is $25.  But, after midnight tonight, those fees go up by $5 (of course, 100% of every registration dollar goes directly to Linzi and Brylee, so paying an extra $5 isn't necessarily a bad thing).  If you were planning on registering, and would like to save an extra $5 per registration, be sure to REGISTER NOW!

ALSO IMPORTANT:  Many have asked, online registration will be open until 12pm on Saturday, May 3rd.  After that, you can still register at our registration table the day of the event.  We will take registrations all the way up to the start of the event on Sunday May 4th.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Boise's Got Faith Packet Pick-Up and Other Important Info

For all of you who have registered, we want to begin by thanking all of you for the love and encouragement that you are providing to Linzi and Brylee by participating in this year's, 3rd Annual Boise's Got Faith event.

T-Shirt and packet pick-up will be held this coming Friday, May 2nd, from 4:30-6:30pm at Veterans Memorial Park (930 Veterans Memorial Pkwy, Boise, ID 83703).  We highly encourage everyone to come out and pick up your shirts and packets at that time, as it will allow you, your family and friends the opportunity to have your shirts in-advance, so that you can wear them to the event to show your support and encouragement to Linzi and Brylee.

For those of you who simply cannot make it to Veterans Park on Friday, May 2nd from 4:30-6:30pm to pick up your shirts and packets, you may pick these up from the registration table prior to the start of the event on May 4th.  For those of you who will be picking up your shirts and packets prior to the start of the event, please do your best to show up early, to ensure that you, and others picking up their packets that day, have plenty of time in getting everything needed for the events, which will start at 1pm that day.

As a reminder, the 3rd Annual Boise's Got Faith event will take place next Sunday, May 4th, at Veterans Memorial Park (930 Veterans Memorial Pkwy, Boise, ID 83703) beginning at 1pm with the Kid's One-Mile Run.  In addition to the run & walk events that will be going that day, we also have a lot of other fun activities for the kids, as well as a silent-auction that will be taking place throughout, which features a lot of great items to bid on.  As with everything else associated with this event, 100% of the auction proceeds will go directly to supporting Linzi and Brylee's families with medical-related expenses.  So, don't forget to bring your wallets with you!  Also, don't forget, that Famous Dave's Bar-B-Que will there to make sure that all registered participants are well fed with a tasty BBQ lunch.

Also, important reminder for all of the kids:  In memory and honor of Michaella "Lula" Coe, we are encouraging all of the kids to wear their most colorful, brightest and craziest socks.  If the socks don't match, even better!!  Bright, colorful and crazy socks were one of beautiful Lula's most favorite things to wear.  So, let's see those bright and colorful socks kids!!

We look forward to seeing all of you at packet pick-up this Friday, May 2nd from 4:30-6:30pm, and at our 3rd Annual Boise's Got Faith event on Sunday, May 4th, beginning at 1pm that day.  It's going to be a great day full of fun, smiles and lots of laughs!

Thank you all for your love, support and encouragement for 2 year-old Linzi Shoemaker and 7 year-old Brylee Gabby!!

Friday, April 25, 2014

Faith's Final Infusion Treatment!

Today, Faith's mom sent us this photo of Faith, which was taken just after receiving her very last infusion treatment this morning. Our hearts are full of happiness and thanksgiving to God for the love and mercy He has given Faith in her healing. We are just so thankful. We love you, Faith!

Here is Faith's mom's update:
"We're officially done with infusion treatments!!! Two more weeks of chemo pills. Next we're headed to ride the tram...Faith's request since day one in the hospital."

Thursday, April 24, 2014

The Ultimate Street Party!

Picture you and 20 of your friends, hanging out on a nice sunny afternoon, when suddenly, the Boise State Fire Truck pulls up in front of your house. Immediately, firefighters jump out of the truck and begin barbecuing a tasty meal for you and your friends. Talk about the ultimate street party! This can become a reality for you and 20 of your closest friends, as we will be auctioning off a 2 hour BBQ hosted by Boise Firefighters, featuring the Boise State Fire Truck, at this year's Boise's Got Faith event on Sunday, May 4th. Haven't registered, yet!? Well, you better get on that! REGISTER NOW: BOISESGOTFAITH.ORG.
Here's this morning's update and report from Linzi's mom. Please keep Linzi in all of your prayers this coming weekend, and pray also for speed and endurance for Linzi's Mom & Dad, that they might be able to keep up during those times when Linzi decides to run the halls of Doernbecher with her IV tower in tow.  :)

"Despite all the rain, we are having a great week here in Portland. Linzi is feeling energetic and we can barely keep up with her appetite. A little bit of dry skin from the Accutane, but nothing a little lotion won't clear up. Linzi will be admitted to the hospital Sunday night to receive a 4-day infusion of Interleukin to prepare her immune system for the 2nd round of antibody (to take place the following week.) We're told she will feel fine while on the interleukin, and it will basically be an admission where we'll be chasing her in the halls with an IV pole for 4 days. We can handle that! Linzi has told us she's excited to go back to the hospital and see her "Dr Sue.""

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Thank You to Glanbia Foods!

Today we thank Glanbia Foods for becoming a corporate sponsor of this year's Boise's Got Faith event. Thank you, to our good friends at Glanbia, for helping Boise's Got Faith in honoring and supporting Linzi and Brylee in their fight against cancer!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Lula's Family Enjoys the Broadway Musical, "Wicked"

When it was learned that the Broadway Musical, "Wicked", was coming to Boise this spring, Boise's Got Faith had made a promise to Lula that we would send her, and her family, to a performance. In keeping our promise to Lula, on Saturday night we arranged for her family and her best friend, Piper, to go to the performance. The management, cast and crew of "Wicked" went above-and-beyond, providing them with some of the best seats in the house. Following the performance, the family was allowed a back-stage VIP tour, where they were able to meet the cast, and see how all of the props and special effects of the show work.

Boise's Got Faith sincerely thanks Nicole Laeger and Ryan Lympus ("Wicked" Company Manager) for all that you did behind-the-scenes to make this happen and to make it such a special night for Lula's family. Also, thank you to everyone who supports Boise's Got Faith. What all of you do to help through your love, prayers and support for these families that we assist, cannot be put into words. But, it CAN be put into smiles. The smiles of Lula's family in this photograph, along with the cast and crew of "Wicked", says it all. THANK YOU to everyone who helped Boise's Got Faith keep our promise to Lula, and for giving this family an evening away from home to be together, to laugh and to smile.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Running Robie in Tutus for Lula!

Stephnie Homer dedicating her Race to Robie Creek in honor of Brylee & Linzi, and running the race in tutus in memory of Lula Coe. Get that hill, Stephnie!

Good Luck to Team Boise's Got Faith!

Today is the Race to Robie Creek! Good luck to Casey Klobas ByingtonSara DiGrazia GrebeBrigitta GruenbergMelissa Drollinger, Andy Lovell and Dan Conlin (and his cousins) who are dedicating their race today in honor of Linzi, Brylee and Faith, and in Memory of Lula. We're rooting and cheering for all of you! Go get that hill, and have a great Robie! 

"It Takes Guts to Conquer Robie, But It Takes Faith to Conquer Cancer."

Friday, April 18, 2014

Thank You to T.J. Forest Products!

This morning, we recognize and thank T.J. Forest Products for pledging their support for Boise's Got Faith once again this year, by becoming a corporate sponsor. Thank you to everyone at T.J. Forest for faithfully supporting Boises' Got Faith and the kids that we serve, year after year!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Help Us Get the Word Out!

For those of you who were wanting to help us distribute Boise's Got Faith postcards, we do have more cards that are now available, and can be picked up at Shu's Idaho Running Company (1758 W State St, Boise, ID 83702) for you Boise people, and at Atlas Products (131 N. Kings Rd., Nampa, ID 83687) for you Canyon County people. Thank you all for your help in getting the word out, so that we can generate as much love, support and prayers as possible for Linzi, Brylee, Faith and Lula's family on Sunday, May 4th!

A Linzi Update

An update on Linzi, which was shared by her mother earlier this week:

"Linzi had a difficult weekend following her weeklong hospital stay for antibody therapy. Very moody, grumpy, clingy, and sleepy! Her daily GM-CSF shots are making her feel especially sore. We decided on a little "park" therapy to help the baddittude. Sure enough 2 hours on the baby swing left her all smiles today."

Volunteers Still Needed!

We're still needing just a few more volunteers to help us out for the Boise's Got Faith event on May 4th. If you, or someone you know, would like to help us out, please let us know, by emailing us at  Thank you!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

As they have every year since Boise's Got Faith first got started, Clif Bar has once again stepped up to support us through product sponsorship. On the day of the event, all of our registrants and participants can fuel up for the day's fun activities by enjoying a Clif Bar. THANK YOU Clif Bar for all of your support and love for Linzi and Brylee!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Thank You to Lamar Advertising of Boise and the Chris Wing family!

This morning we thank Lamar Advertising of Boise, Idaho along with the Chris Wing family for their support and corporate sponsorship of Boise's Got Faith 2014! Thank you to Lamar and to the Wing family for their love for Linzi and Brylee and their support as these two girls continue their journey and battle against cancer!

Monday, April 14, 2014

A Sneak-Peek at Our 2014 Shirts & A Thank You to Our Corporate Sponsors

Our shirts go to print tomorrow. Here's a sneak-peak of the back of our shirts, which features all of our amazing and generous corporate sponsors. Thank you to all of the corporations who have generously supported Linzi and Brylee thus far. Just because our shirts are going to print, doesn't mean that it is too late to become a corporate sponsor. If your company steps up to sponsor, don't worry...we'll make sure EVERYONE knows that YOUR company supports Linzi and Brylee in their fight. We're never ashamed to promote those, who support our kids in their fight against cancer! Email us at, if you would like to pledge your support.

Tomorrow We Place Our Shirt Order, So Register Today!!

Two reminders:

1. We are placing our shirt order for this year's event first thing tomorrow morning, so to be sure that you and your family have your Boise's Got Faith shirts for the day of the event, you must register by midnight tonight! Everyone who registers after today will still receive a shirt, we just can't guarantee that you will have it for the day of the event. So, REGISTER NOW!

2. We still need lots of volunteers! If you would like to be a part in helping us out as a volunteer, please contact Carlyann McLaren at 

Thank you all for your love, prayers and support for Linzi and Brylee!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

THANK YOU to CH Robinson for Your Support!

A BIG THANK YOU to C.H. Robinson for stepping up in support as a corporate sponsor, once again this year, for Boise's Got Faith. Thank you to Vivian and all of the good folks we work with at CH Robinson for all of your support for Linzi and Brylee. THANK YOU!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014


BRIGHT, CRAZY, COLORFUL, MISMATCHED SOCKS!!! For this year's Boise's Got Faith event, in honor and memory of Lula Coe, we are asking for all of the kids to come wearing their brightest, craziest, most colorful socks. Bright, crazy, colorful and even mismatched socks were one of Lula's most favorite things to wear, and we want to honor her memory this year by having all of the kids wear some of the most craziest and colorful socks that they can find. Please take a moment right now to register you and your family to support 2 year-old Linzi and 7 year-old Brylee in their fights against cancer. Cost for the Kids One-Mile Run is only $15, and includes a Boise's Got Faith t-shirt and a tasty meal served by Famous Dave's Meridian on the day of the event. Please let your friends know that we're going to have the very best Kids One-Mile Race in all of, your family and friends won't want to miss it! REGISTER NOW!

THANK YOU to United Wholesale Lumber Company!

This morning we say THANK YOU to Tom Thayer and all of our good friends at United Wholesale Lumber Company for, once again, supporting Boise's Got Faith as we seek support and serve Brylee and Linzi this year.  Thank you to all of the good people at United Wholesale Lumber Company for your hearts of love and compassion for these two amazing little girls!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Thank You to Advocates for Inclusion for Your Continued Support!

In our very first year as an organization Advocates for Inclusion was the very first corporate sponsor that stepped up to be a part of Boise's Got Faith. Each and every year, they have been a very loyal partner to our organization and our efforts in helping kids battling cancer. We want to just tell everyone at AFI, THANK YOU for all that you do, and for all of the support that you have provided and continue to provide to help us stand with these kids in this fight!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Linzi Has Started Her Antibody Therapy Today and Needs Your Prayers

Please pray for Linzi, as she began her antibody infusion this morning.  The infusion has taken a toll on her body, and she has had a difficult day.  So please keep sweet little Linzi in your thoughts and prayers.  Here is an update from her mom:

"Linzi started her antibody infusion this morning about 10 am. She was also started on a morphine PCA about the same time to help with the "nerve pain" that accompanies the antibody action. She was feeling pretty crummy and agitated about an hour into the infusion, but increasing her pain meds has helped her feel more comfortable. She's told me "I want a nap" and she's holding her water bottle like it's her baby, taking big gulps from it every few minutes."

Thank You to McU Sports!

Since our first year, McU Sports has been a faithful corporate sponsor of Boise's Got Faith. Without their support, it simply would not be possible for us to provide such good looking shirts to our participants each and every year. We say THANK YOU to Lora Loveall and the rest of the team at McU Sports for what you do for us every year, and for your love and support for the children that our organization serves. THANK YOU!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

We Are Needing Your Company's Support in 2014!

If you, or someone you know, owns a business and would love to support Brylee and Linzi in their fight against cancer, we would love for you to consider partnering with us as a corporate sponsor for 2014. 100% of your sponsorship will go directly to the benefit of these two beautiful and courageous girls. All of our shirts and promotional materials are being printed soon, and we would love to feature your company as a business partner. Please Email us at, if you have interest in being a Boise's Got Faith corporate partner in 2014!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Road Ahead

For those of you who have been thinking of Linzi, wondering how she is doing and have been keeping her in your prayers, below is a current update from her mom.  Please continue to keep Linzi in your prayers, as she is heading into an intensive and critical time as she begins the antibody therapy phase of her treatment.

"We met with Linzi's doctor today to discuss the next phase of her treatment. We are still waiting on bone marrow tests to give us the final word if Linzi's cancer is indeed gone. Many of you have asked if Linzi's good scan reports will be changing her treatment plan in any way. No, this is exactly where we hoped to be after 9 months of intense chemo, surgery, and radiation. In fact she would not be eligible for the next step if she was not in essence "cancer free."

On Sunday night Linzi will be admitted to the hospital to begin a treatment called Antibody Therapy. It is a medication that will strengthen her immune system by teaching her body to recognize cancer cells and then kill them. She will be in the hospital about a week a month for 4 months. She will also be started on oral Accutane (normally a medication given to teens for acne) for 6 months, which helps any returning Neuroblastoma cells to shrink. We spent a good portion of our office visit signing what felt like a massive amount of paperwork. Antibody Therapy is so new that it is actually still considered a study, so the consent forms were miles long. Neuroblastoma has a VERY HIGH rate of relapse, so this is the #1 attempt to prevent the cancer from returning. Please continue to keep Linzi in your prayers for the next 2-3 years as this is when the relapse rate is highest. Pray especially for protection for her brain--this is often where the cancer relapses and at that point is very difficult to treat. Antibody Therapy is also very hard on the body, so we appreciate prayers as Linzi starts on Monday morning, that she would be able to tolerate the treatment and that her body would allow her to receive the full dose."

If you have not done so already, please REGISTER to run, walk or simply stand in "spirit" for Linzi on May 4th.  100% of your registration fee goes directly to help in supporting Linzi and her family with medical-related expenses.  If you'd like to give more, beyond the registration fee, you may also simply DONATE.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Thank You to Mandi Feely Swain of American Pacific Mortgage

This morning, we are proud to announce that Mandi Feely Swain of American Pacific Mortgage is now an official corporate sponsor of this year's Boise's Got Faith event. We say THANK YOU to Mandi for her support and sponsorship for this year's event, and we encourage all of our Boise's Got Faith supporters, to please consider Mandi as your mortgage banker, the next time you are buying or refinancing your home. You will be incredibly pleased with the level of personal care and service you'll receive with her as your lender. Again, THANK YOU Mandi for your heart in caring for these kids and for your support of Boise's Got Faith!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Starry Night Media: Official Photographer for the 2014 Boise's Got Faith

We are proud to announce that Chad Estes of Starry Night Media, has kindly offered his amazing photography services for our 2014 Boise's Got Faith event on May 4th.  Thank you Chad Estes, for playing such a big role in our event this year by capturing all of the special moments and memories that will surely be made by friends, family and community, as we gather to love, honor and support Linzi and Brylee.  Thank you, Starry Night Media!

Linzi's Parents Share Some Very Joyful News!

Today we give thanks to God for some very good news that Linzi's parents received last night.  Here is last night's update from Linzi's mom:

"Thank you all who have been praying for Linzi and our family for the last 9 months. Tonight we received the call from the doctor every cancer parent hopes to receive: Linzi is CANCER FREE!! Her scans came back clear!! Her bone marrow biopsy results will be pending till Tuesday but we are expecting the best results from those as well. We are celebrating tonight and may to all the glory go to God for such a good report!! Levi was ecstatic to hear the news and told me, 'God answered our prayers, Mom!'"

Such amazing and happy news!  God bless you, Linzi.  We are hoping and praying for more happy news results from your bone marrow biopsy.  Boise's Got Faith Loves You!

Friday, March 28, 2014

Linzi's Week of CT Scans, MRI's and Movie Stardom

Happy Friday, everyone!  Linzi has had a very busy week this week, undergoing tests, scans, exams and she even spent some time being a "movie star", as she is being featured in an upcoming video being produced by Doernbecher Children's Hospital called, "The Heart of Doernbecher".  Below are this week's updates from her mom.  As you read through these updates, please be praying for Linzi and her family as today is to be the most difficult day of testing this week, and they will soon be getting the results from all of these exams.  Hope and pray that the results show no more cancer in Linzi's little body!  

March 25
Linzi had an ECHO (heart exam) and hearing test today. She is being monitored to see if the chemo has affected her adversely. She came through both tests looking good, and we even got an unofficial "everything looks good" reading by the tech on her CT scan from yesterday. Thursday is her MIBG scan (Neuroblastoma specific) and Friday is her MRI and bone marrow biopsy. Thank you everyone for your prayers!

Linzi being filmed for the upcoming
production, "The Heart of Doernbecher
March 26
Linzi had her moment of stardom today. She is the main attraction in the Heart of Doernbecher video to be debuted April 26th during the Portland fundraiser event. She did great--absolutely loved hamming it up for the cameras! Jon and I were also interviewed for 2 hours about the story of our cancer journey with Linzi. Although we can hardly compare for screen time with this cutie!

March 27
MIBG scan went great today. One more day of testing--tomorrow will be the toughest day (needles in the lower back for the bone marrow biopsy) and an MRI. Dr. Sue says she will call us tomorrow night with all the results so we don't have to worry all weekend. Not that anyone has much time to be worried around here...we're too busy chasing 4 active kids around a hotel.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

A VERY BIG THANK YOU to Famous Dave's of Meridian!

When you and your family cross the finish line at Boise's Got Faith on May 4th, you'll be treated to a hearty meal, thanks to Famous Dave's of Meridian. Every registered participant will receive a free, tasty meal, served by Famous Dave's, immediately following the race events that day (this includes all of you participating in "spirit", was well)! THANK YOU FAMOUS DAVE'S!! So now, what are you waiting for? When you register, you and your family get a chance to be a part of our event on May 4th, you get an official Boise's Got Faith shirt, an amazing meal served by Famous Dave's, and the best part is, 100% of your registration dollars goes directly to support Linzi and Brylee as they courageously fight cancer head-on! Register and your family are not going to want to miss being a part of this special event. REGISTER NOW!

For Runners Running the Race to Robie Creek in Honor of Linzi and/or Brylee:

If anyone is running The Race to Robie Creek and wants to join Team Boise's Got Faith to run in honor of Linzi and/or Brylee, we are putting an order in for tech race shirts soon.  Please message us or Email us at, so that we can let you know how to get your shirt ordered, and so that we can get organized and prepared for race day.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Please Be Praying for Clear Scans for Linzi

We last saw Linzi on Saturday night, when we got together with her and her family for dinner here in Boise. Tonight, Linzi is back at Doernbecher Children's Hospital in Portland, where she underwent her CT scans today. Waiting for results for these scans is always an anxious and nervous time for the parents of these kids, so please be praying, not only for Linzi, but for her mom and dad, too. Here's a special request from her mom for all you who are thinking of Linzi and praying for her:

"We ask you to especially remember us this week as Linzi undergoes testing to see if her cancer is gone. It feels like this is the moment we have been working toward for so long!! We are praying for clear scans and clear bone marrow, and also for total trust in The Lord no matter what the results are. Full results should be in by the following week and we will be sure to share."

We've Got a Great Looking Logo, Thanks to 45wall design!

We love our new logo! Thank you to 45wall design for always making us look so good! Since our very first year, 45wall design has donated countless hours in designing our logos, our posters, our postcards and our race day shirts. 

45wall design ( is a small design studio run by Traci Yau and specializing in custom and ready made invitation suites, quality paper goods, and freelance graphic design work. Traci's designs are rooted in a love of typography and simple, clean, modern lines. She loves working with her clients and customers, whether it be designing/making the perfect invite suite for their special event, designing the perfect logo, or lovingly packaging up the goods they have ordered.

Traci graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design (GD '08) and currently lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband, 5 year old daughter, and their cat Dexter.

Thank you 45wall design and Traci Yau for all that you do for Boise's Got Faith, and for all of these kids fighting cancer that we seek to support, each and every year!

Friday, March 21, 2014

A Story of a Real Hero

This morning, we wanted to share a hero story with you. A young man, named Blake, recently celebrated his 13th birthday. Blake selflessly sacrificed this opportunity to receive gifts for himself. Instead, Blake asked all of his friends to donate to Boise's Got Faith to help kids who are fighting cancer. Thanks to Blake, $145 was raised. Thank you Blake for your selflessness and sacrifice for these kids who are in the fight of their life. You are a true hero! Boise's Got Faith will be recognizing you as an honorary participant for this year's event, and we'll be sending you, your family and all of your friends who donated, Boise's Got Faith shirts soon to thank you for celebrating your birthday in sacrifice for others! Thank you for your big heart, Blake!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Post-Race Meal Sponsored by Ryan Martin of Northwestern Mutual

We've got some new and exciting changes for this year's event!  One great change that we have made is that we will be serving a meal to all participants following the Kids One-Mile Run and the 5K Run/Walk events.  We are only able to do this, thanks to the sponsorship of Ryan Martin of Northwestern Mutual.  Several of us at Boise's Got Faith use Ryan Martin for his wealth management and financial services.  We can say, with all sincerity, that he is simply the best in his industry.  He's got a big heart, and did not hesitate at all when we approached him about sponsoring post-race meals for all of our participants.  We give a BIG THANK YOU to Ryan for his BIG heart, in helping us make this day a success for Linzi, Brylee and their families.  THANK YOU!!

Now, you don't have an excuse not to register.  For only $15-$25 (depending on your selected event), you get to participate and show your support, you get a Boise's Got Faith T-Shirt AND you get fed an amazing post-race meal.  So, what are you waiting for??  Register NOW!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Robie's Got Faith is now: BOISE'S GOT FAITH!

Robie's Got Faith is now BOISE'S GOT FAITH! Why did we change our name? Because these amazing young ladies have shown all of us that our faith is much bigger than a teeny-tiny creek in Idaho. Get ready to show us how much faith you've got, Boise! Registration for this year's event opens soon. So, stay-in-tune with us at Please spread the word and let all of your friends and family know about our name change! We look forward to seeing all of you at Veterans Memorial Park on Sunday, May 4th!

Brylee is Training for the Boise's Got Faith One Mile Run!

A pic of Brylee this past weekend at the St. Baldrick's event in downtown Boise, as she watched folks getting their heads shaved to raise money for childhood cancer. Brylee's mom told us yesterday that Brylee has been working very hard in physical therapy, as her goal is to participate in this year's Boise's Got Faith Kids Race. Only a few months ago, Brylee was unable to walk without the use of a walker. Now, she's bound and determined to toe that starting line on race day. Go Brylee!

Friday, March 7, 2014

Great News! Linzi Gets Released from the Hospital!

An amazing answer to a lot of prayers today. We are thankful! Here's a current update from Linzi's mom:

"Good news! The docs are hoping Linzi simply has a cold and after receiving some fluids and antibiotics she's been cleared to go home. We'll be "on call" for positive blood cultures from her central line for the next 48 hours. Headed home to try to kick off our Phoenix visit the right way (no hospitals!). Thank you all for your prayers!"

Please Be Praying for Linzi as She is Admitted to Phoenix Children's Hospital

Yesterday we were excited to report that Linzi and her family had been allowed a 3 week break from treatment by her oncologist, and that they were taking advantage of that opportunity to drive down to Phoenix to spend some time with family.  This morning we learned of this update from her mom.  Please be praying for Linzi and her family today as they deal with this unexpected and undesired turn of events:

"Please pray for Linzi. After a long day at Legoland, then driving all night from San Diego to Phoenix, Linzi developed a temperature of 101.3 at 4:30 am this morning. After an entire night of no sleep, Jon and I are in the ER while Linzi gets labs and antibiotics. She will most likely be admitted to Phoenix Children's Hospital this morning. Please pray for no central line infection! She is already on line #3 since her diagnosis."

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Linzi Gets a Much Needed Break from the Hospital!

On February 26th, Linzi's oncologist cleared her for a 3-week break from the hospital before she starts antibody therapy and scans in late March. Therefore, with this 3-week window, Linzi's family has decided that after 9 intense months of cancer treatment (Linzi's doctor says no other cancer treatment is as intense as stage 4 Neuroblastoma) they are ready for a break!! They are currently en route to Phoenix for a couple of weeks to see family...and some palm trees. Her mom and dad ask for you to be praying that they survive days of driving in a suburban with 4 little kids!!  :) 

The family is looking forward to getting some time away from the hospital life for a few weeks so that they can relax and recharge.

We love you, Linzi!!

Friday, February 28, 2014

Michaella "Lula" Coe's Obituary

"Lula chose to meet it head-on, accept her call to return home, and spend every possible minute in the heart of her family." Whatever your situation may be today here on this Earth, think of the wonder that Lula was and follow her lead. Make today count for something of eternal worth. We will always love you, Lula. You are forever in our hearts.

Lula's obituary can be read online here:

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Memorial for Michaella "Lula" Coe

Memorial service for Michaella "Lula" Coe will be held this Saturday, March 1st at 6:00pm at Vineyard Boise (4950 N. Bradley St., Garden City, ID 83714). It was Lula's adamant instruction that NOBODY wear black to her funeral, as she wanted her service to be a time of joy and celebration and full of color! So, please wear your bright colors! (Just so you know, Lu was particularly fond of purple and neon green.) Also, in lieu of flowers, Lula's wish was that people would remember her by making a donation to her very good friend Gideon Perkins to help his parents cope with medical expenses. Gideon has been battling an unknown lung disease, which has severely been affecting his health for several months now. You may make donation to Gideon, in memory of Lula, by following this link:

For everyone that will be joining us to celebrate and remember Lula this coming Saturday evening, we are requesting that you please bring a dessert to share, as we will be having a dessert potluck following the memorial service that evening. 

Please plan on joining us on Saturday evening at 6pm, and spread the word, as we come together to celebrate the wonderful life and inspiring bright light that was Ms. Lula Coe! We Love You, Lula!!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Tonight's Lula Update

UPDATE: Lu is sleeping a lot. We're feeling like she will probably pass away sometime, tonight. The kiddo has a strong heart, though, so I'll keep you posted. Please pray for a peaceful passing, no pain, and peace for our boys and family. And all of you, too. Loves.