Monday, November 25, 2013

A Very Special (Early) Christmas Celebration for Lula & Her Family!

WHAT?  A Very Special (Early) Christmas Celebration for Lula & Her Family
WHO'S INVITED?  Everyone!  (This means YOU!)
WHEN?  Tomorrow, Tuesday, November 26th
WHAT TIME?  6:30pm
WHERE:  Vineyard Boise Christian Fellowship (4950 N. Bradley St., Garden City, ID  83714)

In light of the recent prognosis and abbreviated timeline given by her doctors, Lula's family has decided to celebrate Christmas early this year...and you all are invited! Save the date, and mark your calendars to join Lula and her family as we come together to celebrate the birth of Christ, and to show our love for this amazingly beautiful and strong girl that we have all come to care for so much. A Christmas dinner will be served to all in attendance, thanks to some very generous donations and the catering services provided by Gordon Epperson of Hurst Catering, as well as several other throughtful individuals who will be bringing along turkeys, hams and other side dishes to share with everyone to make this a feast for everyone! For anyone else that would like to contribute to the meal, you may do so by simply bringing a dessert or tasty treat to share following the meal.

Lula and her family hope that you will join them in this very special time of celebrating what Christmas is truly all about and to show an outpouring of love and support for wonderful and amazing, Ms. Lula!

If you wish to give a Christmas gift to Lula and her family, click this link to find out how:

In Memory of Faith's Great Grandma, Mildred E. Stearns

On October 1st of this year, Faith's 92 year old great grandmother, Mildred E. Stearns, passed away.  At the time of her passing, Mildred's three children, Cheryl, Mary Pat and Rod, requested that instead of flowers, donations be made to Robie's Got Faith in Mildred's name, in honor of her great granddaughter Faith, who is fighting her own battle against leukemia.

Robie's Got Faith is pleased to announce that these funds that were donated in memory of Mildred and her life lived for Jesus, have now been donated by Robie's Got Faith to the family of one-year-old Lillian, who just arrived at the Seattle Children's Hospital yesterday.  Mildred loved children, especially babies, very much.  One of her favorite things to do was to sing children's hymns, while rocking a tired baby to sleep.  She would have loved to have had the opportunity to hold little Lillian.  So, this donation to Lillian's family is very fitting and is exactly what Mildred would have wished for.

Starting today, November 25th, Lillian will begin the process of receiving a new cutting-edge clinical trial T-cell immunotherapy treatment at the Seattle Children's Hospital, which has proven effective in curing leukemia in children, when traditional methods such as chemotherapy have had no affect (which is the case for Lillian).  

Robie's Got Faith is hoping that this T-cell immunotherapy treatment, which has in large part been funded for the Seattle Children's Hospital by the Ben Towne Foundation, is the answer to many, many prayers for a miraculous healing for Lillian.  

As the family faces mounting medical-related expenses related to this treatment and the travel to-and-from Seattle, Robie's Got Faith encourages all of you to also donate to assist Lillian's family in their time of need as they stand beside their one-year-old daughter in the fight of her life.

Please click this link to donate and help little Lillian and her family today:

Robie's Got Faith loves you, Lillian!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Help Us Clean Up Lula's Yard and Hang Christmas Lights!

We are assembling a crew to help clean up Lula's yard (rake leaves, trim trees, mow lawn, etc.) and get it ready for winter on Saturday, while Lula is out Christmas shopping.  This same crew will also be hanging up Christmas lights at Lula's house, so that when Lula comes home from shopping, she has a nice bright and festive house to come home to.  If you are interested in being a part of this crew, please email us at, and we will provide you with more details.  Thank you to those of you who will be a part of this yard clean up and Christmas light hanging team for making this the best Christmas ever for Lula and her family!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

This Evening's Lula Update from Lula's Mother:

This evening's Lula update written by her amazing mother, Kat. By the way, the Christmas party that is mentioned at the bottom of this update...EVERYONE (that means YOU) is invited! Please plan on joining Lula and her family on Tuesday, Nov. 26th at 6:30pm at the Vineyard Boise (4950 N Bradley St, Garden City, ID 83714) to celebrate a very special Christmas with Lula. And, if you're looking for that "perfect" gift for Lula and her family, check out this link:

"UPDATE: All you wonderful people are such a miracle of blessing to us. I know this is a long one - but read to the bottom, there's good stuff, there.

Lula's surgery went as well, or better, than we could have expected. To explain, she had an emergency procedure to remove the ridiculous amount of fluid between her heart and pericardium. She had an AMAZING team working on her - three very kind, caring cardiologists - one of whom has only been here for 3 months and only operates on adults, but agreed to do Lu's surgery. Not only did they perform the surgery, they stayed here until almost midnight to make sure that she was doing well.

We are planning to head home around 5 today. We have set up a plan with hospice care for doctoring at home.

When I told Lula about the news, she started crying. She cried to God for him to stay with her and we cried together. She asked questions about Heaven. She asked about telling her brothers. We had impossible discussions about hard topics. My head still spins. We discussed what a DNR (do not resuscitate) order is and what, exactly it means. Lula decided that she wanted to allow certain things, during the surgery if they were needed, but that if she died on the table, she did not want any "heroic" measures done to bring her back. "It's okay. Let me go."

Right? I know you're crying; I am too.

Today we talked about the practicalities of dying. Burial or cremation? Viewing or No? Who to do the service? Where? "Someone better pray for the brothers..." she said, obviously worried about them.

Twilight Zone.

OK! Now, focus for a minute - there is some fun we'd like to share.

We have decided that, since we will most likely not have our wondergirl at Christmastime, we are going to have a big huge Christmas party for her and "the brothers," next week. It will be Tuesday Night, next - at the Vineyard Christian Fellowship in Garden City. 6:30. Food, music, food, decorations, food, art, food... and if you are reading this, then you are invited. We would love to have you come party with us! She is planning her outfit, and thanks to everyone who has donated toRobie's Got Faith, Lula is going to get to go on a shopping spree and buy presents for all of her family. She is super dooper ooper schmooper excited.

 to you all. I cannot thank all of you enough for your love and support, your encouragement and your hope. We are blessed blessed blessed."

A Very Special (Early) Christmas for Lula!!

A VERY SPECIAL (EARLY) CHRISTMAS FOR LULA!! In light of the recent prognosis and abbreviated timeline given by her doctors yesterday, Lula's family has decided to celebrate Christmas early this year. We want to do something special to bless Lula and put a BIG smile on her face as she celebrates with her family. Please click the link below, and please DONATE today to bless this girl with the opportunity to do something very special and meaningful for the ones that she loves. We have already told Lula about our plans, and she immediately lit up and became very excited by the idea! So, please DONATE today and please SHARE with everyone you know! Lula needs this to be the best Christmas ever, and her family needs your support for the expenses that remain in this fight and beyond. Thank you for your love, your prayers and your support! Merry Christmas, Lula! You know we love you!

Lula Update, as of 8:30am This Morning

As of 8:30am this morning, stopped by the hospital to check in. Lula was sleeping soundly in her bed in ICU. Praying that the day goes as scheduled, and that she gets released later to go home to spend quality time with her brothers and her animals today. Thank you all for your love and your continued moment-to-moment prayers. God is good, and He continues to shine through this courageous little girl and her family. Please, Lord, keep them immersed in your peace and comfort as they bravely travel this path set before them.

Lula Update, as of 11pm Last Night

For friends and family that have been praying for Lula last night and this morning, I do not know much, but what I do know is this: When I left the hospital around 11pm last night, they had just finished the procedure where they set the catheter into her peracardium and had drained 200ml of fluid off of her heart. All of that fluid was building up pressure on her lungs which was causing much difficulty for her breathing. They set the catheter without any cardiac issue, which was the main concern for last night's procedure. They then had placed a PICC line, which will allow the doctors to more easily be able to treat her with medicine when she returns to the hospital. The procedure seemed to go as the doctors had hoped and without any additional complications (Thank God for so many answered prayers!), and as I was leaving, friends and family members were being allowed to go back and see Lula to spend some time with her. The doctors are hoping to be able to allow Lula leave the hospital today, as they are wanting her to be at home with her family and her animals. Thank you all for your prayers last night and your love for Lula!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Just Lots of Love and Lots of Prayers for Lula Tonight

Simply ask for God's mercy, grace and peace for Lula as our hearts break and our souls cry out tonight. Please pray, everyone, for this girl who has touched a special place in all of our hearts in uniquely different ways, through her smile and her amazing unending spirit and love for those around her. 

This update just posted by her mother:

"UPDATE: Scans today revealed that, not only is the cancer ridiculously everywhere, but the pericardium (the sack around her heart) is full of fluid. This is a really dangerous scenario. Right now, what we're looking at is, worst case scenario, she has an attack and we lose her tonight. Best case? Three more weeks.

We are heading into surgery within the hour where a specialist will attempt to drain the fluid from around her heart and leave a drain that she can then (hopefully) go home with. Please pray for us. All of us.

No one is ready for this."

We won't stop loving you, Lula!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Get Well Soon, Lula!

Prayers for Lula, please, as her body fights an ongoing sinus infection and oncoming flu.  Here's an update from Lula's mom:

"UPDATE: Lu is home, still sick. We moved from sinus infection to the flu, I think. She's really puny, but hasn't thrown up for several hours, so that's good. Thank you for all your prayers and loves. Back to the girl!"

Friday, November 8, 2013

Lula Begins Her Naturopathic Therapy

On Wednesday this week, Lula and her mom took their first day-trip up to McCall to begin her naturopathic therapy as she continues to fight cancer with that big beautiful smile on her face.  From this point forward, Lula will make a weekly trip up to McCall to visit her naturopathic therapists, Sue, Luann,  Brandi and Darcy (pictured below).  For Lula, this is a hands-on experience, as she is actively involved with the therapies being administered, she's actually helping in making her own medicines (also pictured below), which, you can see from her smile, she enjoys doing.

Robie's Got Faith continues to pray for Lula as she embarks on this new therapy in her continued fight against cancer.  We pray for miracles daily, as well as grace and comfort for this inspirational and incredible little girl of faith, and the rest of her amazingly strong and courageous family.  We love you, Lula, and will not stop praying for you!