Thursday, October 31, 2013

Please Pray for One-Year-Old Lillian!

Please be praying for one-year-old, Lillian, as she fights a fever in the hospital and will be undergoing an intense round of chemo for the next five days, in hopes of producing a healthy enough blood sample to be submitted for consideration of a T-Cell therapy clinical trial being conducted at the Seattle Children's Hospital, whose research for this cutting-edge therapy has been funded by the Ben Towne Foundation (  

Here's a current update from Lillian's mother:

"Here is an update on Miss Lillian. She was admitted into the hospital yesterday when she spiked a fever after her blood transfusion. We have also talked with the dr about doing a clinical trial in Seattle. So starting tomorrow or Thursday for 5 days she will undergo an intense round of chemo to get her counts low enough for a healthy blood sample.

Thanks again for all your thoughts and prayers."

Lillian's family is in need of as much prayer and support as you're able to provide.  Currently, her family is very much in need of financial support, and a fundraiser has been set up.  If you have not already, please go to: and please help this beautiful little girl and her family fight!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

A Current Update from Faith's Mom

As we continue to pray and provide as much love and support for Lula's family as possible, we also wanted to let everyone know how Faith is doing, as some of you have asked.  Below is an Email recently received from Faith's mom, which provides current status with respect to Faith's fight against acute lymphocytic leukemia:


Hello friends and family,

Faith continues to press on through the last phase of treatment (Maintenance).  This phase includes lots of chemo pills, which have become a normal part of daily life for Faith.  She is scheduled to go in on November 7th for a Spinal Tap.  As far as we can tell treatment is going as planned.  Life for Faith has been busy with homeschooling, bike rides, swimming lessons and weekly play groups at church.  She is very excited to start Irish dance lessons in just a few days!   Prayers are being answered as we watch this precious girl become stronger each day.  God is so good and we thank Him for all of you who have been praying for her.  We continue to trust in our loving Father and know He has his arms wrapped around Faith.  We love you all and thank you again for keeping Faith in your prayers!

Whoever dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty.  I will say of the Lord, "He is my refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust."  Psalm 91:1-2



For Faith, Lula and Lillian (who we've only just recently become acquainted with), every day presents unique circumstances and challenges that these girls must face with their families, as they continue to battle and fight with all of their might.  These three girls, their moms and their dads all need to be in your prayers daily.  We simply ask everyone to continue to pray hard for each one of these beautiful little girls, and to continue to hold their families up with as much love and support as you're able to muster.  Thank you all, and God bless you Faith, Lula and Lillian!  Robie's Got Faith loves you girls!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Results from Lula's CT and Bone Scans

Following is an update provided by Lula's mom this afternoon, regarding the results from yesterday's CT and bone scans:

"UPDATE: Our scans today were not good. There are many more lesions in her lungs, more in her liver, questionable lymph nodes, & a possible tumor in her thigh. Without treatment, Doc says we *might* have her till the end of the school year (next spring). We are planning to start palliative treatment (less toxic, she keeps her hair, shouldn't get sick, etc.) this week & hope for more time than that. 

Just so you know who our Lula is, when I told her what the doc said, her response was, "When is the end of the school year?" 
Me: Next May. 
Lula: Well... we better do some treatment then, because that May is our birthday and that would be way too hard on Chaz.

That's right. That's Lula."

Thank you all of your prayers for Lula's family.  Please continue to pray and to love this sweet little girl and her amazing family.  God bless you, are simply amazing!  We love you so much!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Update on Lula's CT Scans and Bone Scans Today

Lula's mom has just shared an update on the CT Scans and Bone Scans that were conducted today:

"UPDATE: Lula and I just got home from the testing rigmarole. It started with the need to place an IV that required three pokes before we got it, contrast for bone scan injected in the IV, then the CT. After the CT we finally got to eat - about eleven. Then, back to the hospital for the bone scan. The bone scan took about 30 minutes of lying perfectly still - she is such a trooper! 

I really couldn't see much of the CT scan, but on the bone scan there was a spot on her thigh that looked really weird. Doc says it may be nothing and that we should wait until the radiologist's report is back before we jump to any conclusions. That's really hard, though! 

Results appointment is tomorrow at 2:45. I'm going to try to be a normal human being until then. Thank you for all your love and prayers and support. You guys are the best. 

P.S. Monique, who owns On the Fly, the convenience store/gas station at the corner of Collister and State lets Lula come by EVERY SINGLE TIME WE GO TO THE DOC, or a scan, or the hospital, and pick out treats to help her on those difficult days. Thank you so much, Monique - we love you! And if any of you are looking for a place to spend your dollars that isn't just a corporate stop, try the Fly." 

Thank you all, again, for all of your prayers and love for Lula.  Please keep praying, as the family awaits the results from those scans.  God bless you Lula!  We love you so much!

Please Pray for Lovely Little Lula Today...

Please pray all day today for Lula and her family, as Lula goes in for her CT scan and bone scan this morning.  This can be a very scary and nervous time for Lula, her mom and the rest of her family.  So, we ask that you please pray for calm in the midst of today's storms, and an overwhelming sense of peace and courage for this very special little girl and her family today, as she goes through these tests and scans.  Lula goes in for her CT Scan at 8:30am today (right about the same time that this update is being posted) and her bone scan at 12:30pm.  So, if you can remember, please be praying especially hard for her during these times.

Here is the most recent update on Lula's current condition, as posted by her mother on Facebook on October 22nd:

"UPDATE: I know I haven't posted much about Lula, lately. Sorry about that. We are waiting for the next scan, on the 28th. I am trying my best to close my eyes and pretend the day will never come. We are so tired tired of "waiting for results" and "information"... we just want to be free! So, I haven't posted much. She's been feeling good, cancer-wise, though she was hit, like several of us at home, with a yucky crazy head, nose, throat cold. She's feeling better and better and took herself back to school today. In other news, I am getting to take her to see P!nk in concert on the 28th - and she is so dang excited! P!nk is her favorite."

Thank you for all of your sweet love and support for Lula, and for keeping her in all of your thoughts and prayers today!  We love you, Lula!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

A Very Special Request from Robie's Got Faith

This is Lillian Davidson.  She is one-year-old this month, and is from Idaho.  At four-months-old, Lillian was diagnosed with leukemia, at which point she was administered chemotherapy.  The chemotherapy has had no affect on the cancer that is in Lillian's body.  Her doctors, therefore, have stopped the chemo treatments, and have no additional medical treatments that they can provide Lillian with.

So now, all Lillian's mom and dad can do is wait.  With hearts broken, they wait, and they pray for a miracle.  This is where you come in:

1.  First and foremost, we ask you to pray.  Robie's Got Faith has faith in the power of prayer.  How could we not?  Those who have been involved with Robie's Got Faith have experienced, first-hand, how God intercedes in and among those who humbly seek His grace, His mercy and His provision through the focused prayers of collective individuals.  He has been faithful.  So, we ask you to please pray for Lillian, her mom, her dad and the rest of her family.  We ask you to please pray for God's grace for this family, for this moment that they are living.  We ask for you to pray, along with her mom and dad, for an amazing miracle.  Robie's Got Faith believes that our God, by His will, is more than mighty to save.  And, we believe that He still performs miracles today.  So, first and foremost, please pray.

2.  We ask you to please give.  While Lillian's family is praying and hoping for the best, they are also living in the moment, and wanting to provide the best for Lillian's life today.  They are also looking to the future, and are wanting to prepare financially for the day when they may have to say goodbye to their little girl.  The family has set up a fundraiser, and are wanting to raise $5,000.  Currently, they are at the half-way mark, and have raised almost $2,500.  With only $2,500 remaining to meet their fundraising goal, we ask you to please donate to Lillian by visiting her fundraising website at:

Robie's Got Faith thanks all of you in advance for your response to this very special request by providing your prayers and financial support for Lillian and her family.  Lillian deserves the BEST today!