Thursday, May 30, 2013

Sweet, Sweet Summertime!

A very happy summertime update from Lula's mom today, as Lula had her line surgically removed this morning, which will allow her to swim, play and enjoy summertime activities, just as any child should be able to do.  Prayers are faithfully being answered daily for both of our Robie's Got Faith girls (Lula and Faith), and we thank you all for continually keeping both Lula and Faith in your prayers throughout each and every day.  Here's to a happy, enjoyable and care-free summer for our two strong cancer fighting princesses!!!

"UPDATE: Lula got her line out this morning; it was super quick and went off without a hitch. She recovered quickly and, after eating a boston shake from fancy freeze, is spending the afternoon with her dad. She should be able to swim by Sunday or Monday! :) Thank you for your loves and prayers!"

Monday, May 20, 2013

An Update on Lula's CT Scan in SLC

Robie's Got Faith is thankful that Lula gets to be just a regular kid this summer.  You're always in our prayers, Lula!  Most recent update from Lula's Mom:

"Everything went peachy keen jelly bean in SLC. Lu now has the all clear to get her line taken out which means she can swim for the first time in a year and a half!  Yea! 

This is all super good news, but for those who have been asking - it does NOT mean that she is cured or in remission. What it means is that she gets to be one of the regular kids this summer as we continue to plan for CT scans every six weeks or so for a long time to come. So, we are hopeful, but keep us in your prayers and thoughts, please! 


Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Final Numbers Are In!

On the afternoon of April 21st, family, friends, businesses and community came together to run, walk and stand in support of Boise's very own Lula Coe.  Lula, who just turned ten-years-old this past weekend, continues her long-fought and difficult battle with Stage IV Wilms Cancer.  But, thanks to all of the fine people who sponsored, donated, participated, endorsed and supported Robie's Got Faith, Lula and her family now know that they do not have to fight alone.

Through your prayers, your generous donations, support and participation, we were able to raise $24,163.62 for Lula Coe's Benefit Fund during this year's Robie's Got Faith weekend!!!  This fund has been set up in Lula's name to assist her family with expenses related to her illness.  We thank God for being faithful in answering our prayers and hopes for a successful Robie's Got Faith event this year.  Of course, we also thank all of you who all played a critical part in making this event such a success.  THANK YOU, ALL!   

These funds that were collectively raised for Lula through the Robie's Got Faith weekend, were raised not a minute too soon, and are already being put to good use:

This past week, Lula's family's car (a 2000 Chevy Suburban with over 200k miles, and Lula's family's only form of transportation) quit working.  Following diagnostics conducted on the vehicle, the mechanic told Lula's mom that the car was, "falling to pieces".  It was determined that the front and rear differentials, transfer case, rear main seal and other critical items on the vehicle were shot and would need to be replaced.  The total cost of returning the vehicle to running order was actually more than the car was even worth.  This all happened with knowledge that the family would need their vehicle to get Lula to an important upcoming hospital appointment in Salt Lake City next week.  Any parent who has a child battling cancer will tell you that having dependable transportation to get their child safely to and from their medical appointments is a major and primary concern.  

Thanks to all of YOU who donated, supported and participated in Robie's Got Faith, Lula's benefit fund was able to purchase the family a 2003 Suburban that has 100k fewer miles than their 2000 Suburban had.  The cost of this newer used vehicle was actually less than what it would have cost to repair their older vehicle.  Most importantly, the vehicle passed inspection and diagnostic tests by a 3rd-party mechanic, and has the green light to go to Salt Lake City next week, so that Lula can make it safely to her doctor's appointment!

We are very thankful for the successful Robie's Got Faith weekend that you all played a big part in making happen in April.  We are so thankful to all of you for making it the great event that it was, and we look forward to having the opportunity to love, support and care for another child battling cancer next year.  

In the meantime, please remember to keep Lula and her family and Faith and her family in your prayers.  Both families will be the first to tell you that your continual and constant prayers have been the true difference maker in their lives as they stand by their children in their fight.

Thank you, all!  2013 Robie's Got Faith mission accomplished!

"I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith."
2 Timothy 4:7

Monday, May 6, 2013

Prayers Answered!

Tonight is a VERY good night.  This morning Lula went in for her scans to determine whether or not the bone marrow transplant that she received a few months ago was helping in stopping the growth, and in destroying the tumors on her lungs.  Well, guess what?...after a day full of prayer, this is the GREAT news we learned this afternoon (as reported by close family friend, Monique):

"Our Lula received the thumbs up on her scan today! There is one spot that they are looking more closely at, but the primary areas of concern from before the transplant are unchanged. If there were still active cancer cells in those areas, they would have grown. (cancer apparently doesn't just sit there, but will always grow.) What an incredible, joyous day for her and her family. should have more news by Wednesday, but they are taking today's report as "knocked out of the ballpark!" Please join me in giving thanks today on Lula's behalf!!!!"

Thank you, God, for hearing and answering our heart cries!  We love you Lula!

Happy Birthday to Lula!

Yesterday, Lula celebrated her 10th birthday with her twin brother, Chaz.  Robie's Got Faith says:  "HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LULA!"  We hope that this is your best year yet!

Lula is in the hospital this morning, as they conduct scans on the tumors on her lungs.  We ask for everyone to please be praying for Lula, and pray that the scans provide Lula and her family with good and encouraging news.  Pray that those tumors start getting smaller and smaller.  Results of the scans are scheduled to be in on Wednesday.  So until then, please keep this little sweetheart in your prayers all day every day.