Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Lula Needs Your Prayers

Even with shingles:  SMILING.
Lula, you are amazing!
We have an update from Lula's mom, and we ask you all for your prayers for Lula and her mom during this difficult and trying time.  Lula was admitted to the hospital yesterday, and is being held there in isolation, as she has broken out in shingles.  While shingles is one of the three primary complications that can be life-threatening for bone marrow transplant patients, the doctors think she looks good so far. Please pray for comfort for Lula, and that the shingles that are afflicting her currently will quickly subside with no added ill effects.  Also, please pray for peace, rest and renewed energy for her mom, as she cares for Lula all hours of the day and night in the hospital.  Thank you!

"UPDATE:  Lula and I are in the hospital. The shingles have spread from the front right side of her ribcage to (nearly) the middle of her back. She's still feeling pretty darn good - which doesn't necessarily make it easier to be here. She'd much rather be in school & home with her brothers. But, we are thankful that it hasn't yet become painful or too itchy for her and hope that it stays that way. She is, as always, full of smile and sass. 

Apparently, the danger with shingles in a post-transplant body is that it can spread through the nervous system and attack the brain. So, she's on IV anti-virals and fluids and is being monitored closely. We are in an isolation room, as shingles is very contagious and she isn't allowed kiddo or elderly visitors."

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Today is THE day that we finish the race for Lula Coe!

Get your family to lace up their running and walking shoes, because today is THE day that we finish the race to honor and raise support for Boise's own 9-year-old, Michaella "Lula" Coe.

If you have not registered yet, it is not too late.  We accept registrations all the way up until the race starts.  You can either register online HERE, or register with cash or check at the registration table beginning at 12pm at Veterans Memorial Park in Boise, which is where today's races will be held.

The Kid's Mile-Run starts at 1pm, and the 10K Run and 5K Run/Walk begins at 1:30pm.  

If you've already got plans for this afternoon, and cannot join us for today's races, you can still support Lula by showing up for our post-race party and silent auction, which will be held at the 13th Street Pub and Grill in Hyde Park, beginning at 6pm.  Regardless if you are registered or not, EVERYONE is welcome to be a part of this family-friendly party and silent auction.  We have many great items to bid on, including autographed BSU memorabilia, a BBQ catered by the Boise Fire Dept., an hors d'oeuvres party for you and 20 friends, an electric guitar, hotel stay packages, dining packages and artwork created by Lula herself.  Also, the 13th Street Pub and Grill will be providing appetizers, while our friends at Crooked Fence Brewing will be providing one of their specialty brews for folks to enjoy.

It's going to be a beautiful day in the city of Boise.  Get your family outside and come support a great cause!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Lula Receives Some GREAT News Today!

Lula visited the doctor today, and he told her that she is cleared to return to school.  As you can tell from the photo, she's very happy about that!

The weather is forecast to be in the mid-60's this weekend.  Perfect weather to spend outside with your family doing something fun.  So be sure to REGISTER your entire family for Robie's Got Faith, and come on out to meet little Lula and support her in her fight this coming Sunday!  Along with the running/walking events, there will also be bounce houses, face painting and more.  A great way to spend quality time with your family, while supporting a very special young lady.

See you all on Sunday!

THANK YOU to Meadow Gold!

Once again this year, all Robie's Got Faith participants will be able to enjoy some chocolate milk following the race events on Sunday.  We thank Meadow Gold for their kind and generous product sponsorship in providing chocolate milk for all of our participants on race day.  THANK YOU Meadow Gold!

Thanks to Pepsi Bottling Ventures, we WILL stay hydrated on Sunday!

Thanks to the fine folks at Pepsi Bottling Ventures for donating all of the bottled water that we will need to keep our race participants hydrated this coming Sunday!  THANK YOU Pepsi Bottling Ventures for your support and product sponsorship!

THANK YOU to Girard Wood Products, Pallet Express and Westside Pallet!

Robie's Got Faith takes a moment this morning to send a BIG THANK YOU to Girard Wood Products of Puyallup, WA, Pallet Express of Salt Lake City, UT and Westside Pallet of Newman, CA for their extremely gracious and generous corporate sponsorship of this year's Robie's Got Faith events.  Without the sponsorship of fine organizations such as these, Robie's Got Faith would not be possible.  So, we simply and sincerely say, THANK YOU Girard Wood Products, Pallet Express and Westside Pallet for making all of this possible, and for your support and love for Lula Coe!!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Let the Count Down Begin!!

We are very excited that we are now only one week away from Robie's Got Faith!  For those of you who have still yet to register, time is running out, so REGISTER NOW!  Keep in mind that we have several events that you can participate in, including the 10K run, the 5K run/walk and the Kid's Mile-Run.  Also, if you are not interested in running or walking, please register anyway, and support 9-year-old Lula Coe in "Spirit".  

A few quick notes and comments . . . 

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED! - For those not interested in participating in any of the events, we are still in need of volunteers to help us make this event something special for Lula and her family.  So, if you would like to volunteer, we could really use your help, so please Contact Us!

FUN FOR THE KIDS - This year, we have geared the race more towards the kiddos, so that they will have an extra-special and memorable experience, as they run their little hearts out for Lula.  This year, we're going to have bounce houses, face painting, and balloon animals to make the experience especially fun for the kids.  It's definitely going to be a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon with your entire family, so be sure to register your entire family!

PACKET PICK-UP - For those who have registered, packet pick-up for Sunday's race will be this coming Friday, April 19th from 4pm - 7pm at Veterans Memorial Park.  Please do your best to pick up your packet during that time.  With that being said, we realize that some of you may not be able to pick up your packet at that time.  Therefore, for those who are not able to pick up your packet then, you will be able pick up your packets beginning at 12pm on the day of the race (Sunday, April 21st).

We are very excited, and very much looking forward to the upcoming Robie's Got Faith weekend!  We say THANK YOU to all of YOU and to all of our corporate partners for making this event possible for Lula and her family.  We're looking forward to a full weekend of BIG SMILES on Lula's face!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Deadline for Donation of Auction Items

For those of you who had informed us that you would be donating an item for next weekend's Robie's Got Faith Silent Auction, the deadline to get us your items is NOW!  If you have a product or service that you would like to donate for next weekend's auction, please let us know immediately, so that we can be sure that your item makes it into the auction next Sunday evening at the 13th Street Pub and Grill.  Once again, 100% of the proceeds earned from your auctioned item will go directly to benefit Lula in her fight against cancer.  Thank you!

Friday, April 12, 2013

ROUTE - RUN/WALK Saturday 13th April - 7:30am - FORT BOISE, Boise, ID

ROUTE for RUN/WALK training tomorrow - Meet at Fort Boise, Boise, ID @ 7:30am SATURDAY 13TH APRIL

4.25 miles - for 10k-ers
Start at Parking Lot off Mountain Cove Road
RIGHT onto HERON ST (pass Camelsback Park)
RIGHT onto 13th ST

1.75 miles - for 5k-ers
Start at Parking Lot off Mountain Cove Road
Turn around at Memorial Park back onto FORT ST

Let's all get our running gear on and enjoy the morning!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

#8 - LAST TRAINING RUN / WALK - Saturday 13th April - 7:30am - start tbd (soon), Boise, ID

Eighth TRAINING RUN / WALK group for ROBIE'S GOT FAITH this Saturday @ 7:30am

Distances include 4.25 miles or 1.75 miles

People training for Robie Creek Half please feel free to join up with Shu's Trail Running Group at the same time, same place. Location will be updated soon. 

REMEMBER this is the LAST group training run/walk before RACE WEEKEND!! Let's make sure we get out there, make the most of it, and have FUN!

Anyone can still sign up for the Robie's Got Faith Event taking place on Sunday 21st April from this website. Please come join us all in supporting Michaela "Lula" Coe and her family in her fight with Stage IV Wilms disease. 

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Lula Completed Her Last Radiation Treatment Today!

Lula completed her eighth and final scheduled radiation treatment today.  Congratulations, Lula!  We are so proud of you being so brave and strong, and are thankful for your big beautiful smile!  Here's an update from Lula's, Mom:


"Today was LU's last radiation treatment. Yea! She's coughing a lot but doc says her lungs sound just fine. She was smiling so big at the end and had a really hard time holding still today, because she knew it was the LAST DAY! So sweet girl was rocking out to P!nk. Scans might not happen until next month now, though. I should find out, for sure, by Friday. Thank you all so much for your loves, prayers, foods, gifts, thoughts, time, notes, letters, cards, monies, kisses, hugs... You are all wonderful blessings to us!"

Robie's Got Faith is only a two weekends away...if you haven't done so already, be sure to REGISTER NOW and support amazing and inspiring Lula in her fight against cancer!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

FAMOUS DAVE'S BBQ DAY, Meridian, ID - 10% goes directly to "Lula" - ROBIE'S GOT FAITH

Treat yourself to some delicious BBQ at FAMOUS DAVE'S in Meridian, ID this coming Monday 15th April from 11am - 10pm and 10% OF YOUR BILL goes directly to ROBIE'S GOT FAITH - Michaela "Lula" Coe in her fight against Stage IV Wilms Cancer. A huge, great THANKS to Famous Dave's for putting this amazing and generous event on!

Friday, April 5, 2013

#7 - TRAINING RUN / WALK - Saturday 6th April - 7:30am - Fort Boise, Boise, ID

Seventh TRAINING RUN / WALK group for ROBIE'S GOT FAITH this Saturday @ 7:30am

Distances include 5.5 miles or 2.5 miles (routes below)

Meet at Fort Boise off Mountain Cove Road.

ONLY one more training run/walk following this week for the BIG WEEKEND for ROBIE'S GOT FAITH! Let's get up out of bed and enjoy the morning!!

5.5 MILES:
Start at Fort Boise Parking Lot off of Mountain Cove Rd
R onto Reserve St
L onto Broadway
L onto E Warm Springs
R onto S Walnut
R onto greenbelt
R onto S Capitol Blvd
L onto W Bannock
R onto 13th St 
R onto Fort St
L onto Reserve St
L onto Mountain Cove Rd 

2.5 MILES:
Start at Fort Boise Parking Lot off of Mountain Cove Rd
R onto Reserve St
L onto Broadway
L onto E Warm Springs
L onto Coston St
L onto E Washington
L onto E McKinley St
R onto N Ave E
R onto Reserve St
L onto Mountain Cove Rd