Friday, September 21, 2012

Update on Faith - 9/21/12

After 12 days of being held in quarantine in her hospital room at Doernbecher Children's Hospital, we have this good news that we just now received from Faith's mom, Rachel:

"Good news! Faith is going home today! Counts continue to go up and Faith is feeling and looking good. Our family thanks you so much for praying."

We are so very happy that Faith gets to go home today (just in time for the weekend)!  We hope that she has a great weekend with her mom, dad and siblings, and that she enjoys sleeping in her very own bed tonight!

We thank everyone for praying so hard for Faith over the course of the past 12 days!  Means so much to Faith and her family.  Thank you!


Monday, September 17, 2012

Update on Faith: 9/17/12

Faith's mom and dad are very thankful for those of you who have kept Faith in your prayers over the past several days.  Faith went into the hospital a week ago today, due to a fever that had spiked, after having been in her new first grade class just a couple of days.  A few days after being admitted to Doernbecher Children's Hospital, Faith's fever subsided, only to be replaced by a cold, which prompted the hospital to put her into quarantine.  Towards the middle of last week, Faith's fever returned, in combination with her cold symptoms.  Her cold had developed into a deep, raspy constant cough, that sounded like it was getting deeper into her lungs.  At the end of the week, as her good cell counts dropped all the way down to zero, completely eliminating her immune system, the hospital conducted some tests and took measures to ensure that Faith's cold and fever were not developing into symptoms more threatening.  

Since late last week, Faith's appetite completely disappeared due to the effects of the chemo, and she did not eat any food for 3 or 4 days (this was due to the fact that the chemo "blinds" the taste buds, and the irritation in her throat from the constant coughing, made it too difficult for her to swallow food).  However, we are happy to report and are very thankful, that she was able to eat some french toast this morning.

As of tonight, Faith remains in quarantine in her hospital room.  Her good cell counts are only at 30.  Her fever has subsided (hopefully for good, this time), yet her deep cough and cold symptoms remain.  Doctors are estimating that Faith may remain in the hospital through the duration of this week.  However, we are praying hard that her good white blood cell count increases dramatically, that her cold subsides and that the fever does not make a reappearance, so that Faith can go home to be with her whole family, just as soon as possible.

Faith's entire family are very appreciative for all the continued thoughts and prayers.  Very thankful for them.


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Update on Faith: 9/12/12

On Monday of this week, Faith was admitted to Doernbecher Children's Hospital due to a fever that had spiked, after only three days of being in her new first grade class at school.  By Tuesday, Faith's fever had subsided.  However, as the fever subsided, Faith developed a cold.  Now, since Faith has a cold (which is considered to be contagious), she has been placed in quarantine in her hospital room with her mom.

Faith's doctor met with Faith's mom and informed her that he does not think that they will be able to leave the hospital in less than a week.  The intense chemotherapy treatment that Faith took last week is still working in her body, which is killing all of the bad cells, but is also working against her good cells, as well.  Therefore, the doctor told Faith's mom that he will not release her until her good cell levels are at a suitable, "healthy" level, and he does not anticipate that happening for at least a week from now.

To further complicate matters, Faith's little sister, Anna, has also developed a cold.  So, while Faith's mom is in the hospital helping to care and comfort Faith, her dad is having to stay home from work to take care of Anna.

Now, more than ever, Faith and her family need your prayers.  They are in need of strength, peace, comfort, hope and encouragement, in more ways than we can even begin to imagine.  

Please pray hard.


Monday, September 10, 2012

Please say a prayer for Faith right now...

We ask for all of you to say a prayer for Faith and her family tonight.  

With very, very low cell counts, and after only having had the opportunity to be a first-grader for three days, Faith now has a fever and had to be admitted to Doernbecher Children's Hospital this afternoon.  Instead of having dinner together gathered around their kitchen table, Faith's family had dinner together at the hospital this evening, while the hospital staff ran cultures and tests on Faith's blood to find out what bacteria may be in her blood, and to ensure that there are no infections, etc.  The hospital has Faith on antibiotics and under close supervision.  We are thankful that she is in very good hands with some very wonderful nurses and doctors.

Although we are extremely discouraged, and our hearts break that she cannot be in school, learning, laughing and playing like most normal kids her age are doing at the start of the school year.  We do trust in God to provide Faith and her family the peace, strength and encouragement that they are going to need to get through this set-back.  Through this very tough and difficult journey, God has been very faithful in providing strength and peace to Faith's family, and we have confidence that He will continue to be faithful in showing His love to this family.  Especially through the power of your prayers for her.

The last time Faith was hospitalized due to fever, she was in for quite a few days, before being healthy enough to be released again.  We ask tonight, that you please pray for Faith's fever to subside, and for her good white blood cell counts to build back up, so that she can get out of the hospital in as little time as possible.

A "normal" six year old girl belongs in the classroom and on the playground...not lying in some hospital bed being poked with needles.

Please pray right now, and thank you all so much for doing just that! 


Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Faith's First Day as a First Grader!

Faith and her big brother, Will, before heading out for their first day of school
Faith began her first day as a first grader today. As Faith heads to school this morning, her mom asks for you to please pray for Faith. 

Faith had a spinal yesterday, and during the spinal procedure, they found that her good cell counts are very, very low, which makes her especially susceptible to becoming ill.  With such low cell counts, Faith's mom asks that you please pray that she does not contract any flu or fever symptoms from any of her fellow schoolmates as she goes back to school, as this would put her back into the hospital and set her back in her treatment.  Also, being in the hospital would mean that she would not be able to be in school learning and playing with the rest of her classmates. 

Faith is VERY excited to be going to school this morning as a first-grader, and we are very excited for her, but we are also very nervous for her, as her immune system is so very weak right now.  So, we do ask that you please pray for Faith's health today, and pray that God would keep her safe from any illness that would set her back in her fight and her education.

Thank you all for all of your prayers!  We love you, Faith!