Saturday, July 14, 2012

Happy Birthday, Faith!

Faith is 6 years-old today and Robie's Got Faith would like to say:  HAPPY BIRTHDAY, FAITH!!!

Faith will be celebrating her birthday today by visiting the Oregon Zoo in Portland with her family and hanging out with her cousins, and of course, opening a few birthday presents and eating some birthday cake along the way, too!

Thanks to everyone, who has helped to support Faith in her fight against leukemia, and for all of your prayers for her.

As soon as Faith's cell counts are high enough, she begins another round of chemotherapy.  Twenty-one more weeks of intensive chemotherapy, and then Faith's treatments will transition into a "maintenance" phase, which will continue for approximately another year.  So long as everything goes as scheduled and as prescribed by her doctors, the projected target date for the end of Faith's treatments, and her victory over this ugly disease, is set for May 9th, 2014.  A date that all of Faith's family and friends most certainly have circled on their calendars...what a wonderful day that will be!  

Faith still has a long road ahead of her in this fight.  But, we have nothing but FAITH, that through the continued powerful prayers of great people like you who love her, that God will continue to intervene in the day-to-day struggles and adversity that Faith and her family may face, to give them the grace, peace and strength they will need to endure and conquer this nasty disease in Faith's body, once and for all.

There certainly is a long road and more tiring battles ahead for Faith and her family.  But, today we take a break from all of that, as we simply celebrate the birthday of one sweet little 6 year-old girl.