Thursday, April 26, 2012

Robie's Got Faith: A HUGE Success!

Robie's Got Faith is very proud to report, that during the short time that our fund-raising efforts were first inspired on the evening of January 27th, through the close of our silent auction at the 13th St. Pub and Grill on the evening of April 22nd, we were able to raise $47,473.39 for the Faith Canfield Benefit Fund!!!

Faith was diagnosed with Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia on January 10th, 2012.  Knowing that she has, at least, a three-year fight against leukemia and countless chemotherapy treatments and platelet transfusions ahead of her, it was the heart and purpose of Robie's Got Faith to assist in removing the financial strains and pressures associated with Faith's illness.  Our hope was that instead of having to stress and worry about the expenses related to Faith's illness, Faith's parents would be able to focus all of their energy, concern and care towards Faith, to help her as she heads down the road to recovery.  With the fund that all of us (yes, including you!) were able to build for Faith, we have confidence that we have met and achieved this goal.

We humbly, sincerely and whole-heartedly thank all of our individual and corporate sponsors for making the vision of Robie's Got Faith a reality, and we wish to thank all of you who participated, and participated in-spirit, during the Robie's Got Faith 2012 weekend on April 21st and 22nd.  Because of your very generous support and contributions, you have made a VERY BIG and VERY DIRECT impact in the life of one sweet little 5-year-old girl, as she (already at the age of 5) faces the biggest battle of her life.

We can all now proudly say that we have fought the good fight, we have finished the race and we have kept the faith.  (2 Timothy 4:7)  


Saturday, April 21, 2012

Tomorrow is going to be HOT!

Some of us Robie's Got Faith participants, just finished running the Race to Robie Creek this afternoon.  Temps today were in the low 80's.  Nevertheless, runners along the course were dropping like flies along the course and the first aid station at the finish line was completely full as runners were being treated with IV's to help them in recuperating from heat exhaustion and dehydration.

The reason we mention this, is because tomorrow's forecast is predicted to be even HOTTER than today!  It's gonna be HOT folks!  Temps are expected to be in the high 80's, with one forecast calling for a temperature of 90-degrees.

Therefore, we want to caution EVERYONE who is planning on participating in Robie's Got Faith events tomorrow.  We ask that you PLEASE do not overdo it on the race course tomorrow.  Know your limits, and stay well-within those limits as you participate tomorrow.  Obviously, our 5k and 10k events are not the toughest race in the northwest like the Race to Robie Creek is.  However, we will not be well-equipped to treat runners suffering from heat exhaustion and dehydration.  We will not have a recovery tent, and will not be able to treat runners with IV's.

We remind you all that you are responsible for yourselves on the race course!

If you have been training to run tomorrow's 10k, and think you're "kind of" ready, we would encourage you to NOT risk it if you're unsure or feeling only "kind of" ready.  Instead opt to run the 5k.  You do not need to inform the race volunteer staff if you change your mind and want to change events.  Just go ahead and change, if you feel that it's more of a 5k day for you instead of a 10k day, considering the hot temperatures that we will be running/walking in.  Same thing goes for the 5k runners and walkers.  If you're unsure if you are ready to go that distance, tomorrow is NOT the day to test yourself to find out.  It's just going to be way too hot!

Some things to keep in mind, and suggestions for staying healthy and keeping cool for tomorrow's events:

1.  Yes, we will have a timing clock at the start and finish line.  HOWEVER, no times are being recorded, nor will they be posted after the race.  The clock at the finish line, is only there for your own convenience, so that you yourself can glance at it as you finish, if you choose.  No one else is going to be tracking or monitoring your time, except yourself.  We will not be recording, nor posting anyone's times for the 5k or 10k.  So, don't try to "overperform" beyond your capabilities and over-exert yourself for a "good time".  Because, really, your finish time will not matter tomorrow.

2.  All of our races are on out-and-back courses, which means that we finish from the same place we start.  Therefore, as you are running and/or walking tomorrow, and you happen to begin to feel exhaustion or dehydration, please STOP, turn around, and return to the start/finish line.  Again, times are not being recorded anyway, and we are not keeping track of 1st place, 2nd place, etc.  This race is not about getting a good's about having a good time to support and honor Faith.

3.  We will have water stations along the course, and water at the finish for the participants.  With that said, because all of our water has been donated by Costco, our supply of water does have a limit.  Therefore, we ask two things to help us out in keeping everyone hydrated tomorrow:  1.  Please make plans to bring water, Gatorade, etc. for your own family, to help keep you and your family hydrated throughout the afternoon.  2.  We also ask that water that is being provided at the end of the races for the participants be reserved only for those who are participating.  Again, if you have family that are coming to cheer you on, please make arrangements to pack along water, etc. for them.  Your cooperation in this will help us out tremendously in making sure that everyone stays plenty hydrated, and that all of our participants can have bottled water at the finish.

4.  Make sure to wear a hat, sunglasses and plenty of sunscreen tomorrow to help in keeping yourself shaded and keep your skin from the direct sunlight.

5.  While waiting to participate for your event tomorrow, do your best to find shade, and get off of your feet and relax.  Veterans Memorial Park is full of nice shade, do your best to find a spot under one.

6.  Finally, again please remember, you are all responsible for yourselves tomorrow.  No one knows your limits, except you.  If you're not feeling up to participating, or participating in the event that you had signed up for.  There is absolutely no shame in moving down to a shorter distance event, or simply not participating at all and instead cheering those on who are participating.  Tomorrow is not about 1st place finishes, or Personal Best records.  We will not be handing out prizes to those who cross the line first.  Tomorrow is not about that.  Tomorrow is about a little girl named Faith who is battling leukemia.

Now, go start drinking LOTS of water in preparation for tomorrow.  We'll see you all at Veterans Memorial Park tomorrow.  We look forward to all of you running/walking well-hydrated, and participating well within your means and capabilities.

Let's all stay healthy in the heat tomorrow, as we show our honor and support...for Faith!!!

Friday, April 20, 2012

A 5-Year-Old Celebrity from Portland Arrives in Boise Today!

Faith with her Daddy
The Robie's Got Faith weekend officially kicks off today at 12:20pm, as Faith and her family will be arriving on a private flight from Portland to the Boise Airport.  Family, friends and any other supporters who would like to join us as we welcome Faith to Boise, are more than welcome to.  Faith and her family will be deplaning at the Jackson Jet Center Air Terminal, which is just west of the Boise Air Terminal.  We are again VERY THANKFUL for the Moon Family and their generosity in donating their aircraft and fuel for the weekend, to make Faith's involvement here in Boise even possible.  Without their generosity, there simply would not have been a way for Faith to be with us this weekend.  We also give a BIG THANK YOU to Tim Griffin and Jetstream Aviation for providing their service and time in piloting the Moon Family's plane from Portland to Boise and back this weekend for Faith's family.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Shirt and Packet Pick-Up is on Friday From 4pm to 8pm:

Robie’s Got Faith weekend events are quickly approaching, so we thought that we would take just a moment to share with all of you who have registered to participate (or participate in “spirit”) some important “need-to-knows” for the upcoming weekend:

Some of you may have received a “Shirt Backorder” email from us. If you did receive this email from us, we again want to apologize for the inconvenience of not having your specific shirt style and/or size available for this weekend. Simply put, the response for this event has been far greater than we had ever anticipated, estimated or could have imagined (which, we do consider a very positive thing, since 100% of the proceeds from all registrations goes directly to the Faith Canfield Benefit Fund to help in supporting Faith in her fight against leukemia). 

However, unfortunately, this does mean that not everyone will have a Robie’s Got Faith shirt for the events in the coming weekend. For those of you whose shirts are on backorder, we do want to again stress that we are VERY thankful for your participation and support of this very worthy event for a very deserving little girl, and that we will make it our top priority to get your shirt, in its correct size and style to you, just as quickly as we can. 

Again, we thank all of you for your kind support and participation, and for standing with Faith in her fight. THANK YOU!

For those of you who did NOT receive a “Shirt Backorder” email from us (and also did not pay the extra $5 to have your shirt shipped to you), your shirts and race packets will be available for pick-up on Friday April 20th from 4pm to 8pm at Veterans Memorial Park in Boise. Our shirt and packet pick-up table can be found near the picnic shelter and play equipment at Veterans Memorial Park that day (look for the “Robie’s Got Faith” corporate sponsor banner...that’s where we’ll be!)

Can you pick your shirt and packet up on Sunday before the start of the Robie’s Got Faith events? The answer is, yes. However, to help in keeping race day running smoothly and efficiently, we would encourage and greatly appreciate everyone who is able, to PLEASE pick your shirts and packets up on Friday evening at Veterans Memorial Park between 4pm and 8pm. If you absolutely cannot make it to pick up your shirt and packet at that time, you may pick up your shirt and packet at Veterans Memorial Park on Sunday before the races, beginning at 12pm.

Again, please try to have your shirts and packets picked up on Friday, rather than race day. Your cooperation helps keep everything much more organized and efficient for race day. Thank you!

For those of you who are running the Race to Robie CreekTM Half Marathon in honor of Faith on Saturday, our group will have an “assembly area” somewhere in the park at Fort Boise Park, beginning at 10am that morning. Keep your eye out for the Robie’s Got Faith corporate sponsor banner, as this is where our group will be getting together to stretch and chat away some of the pre-race jitters that morning. 

Also, assuming that Faith gets released by her doctor to travel to Boise this coming weekend, Faith and her family will there to meet and thank all of the Race to Robie CreekTM Runners for conquering the summit in Faith’s honor. Hope to see everyone there at our meeting spot on Saturday morning.

Don’t forget, the Robie’s Got Faith Kids’ Mile-Run, 5k Run/Walk and 10k Run events take place this coming Sunday, April 22nd. Here’s a quick summary of Sunday’s agenda:

11:30am – Shirt and race packet pick up begins for those that were not able to pick up shirts and race packets on Friday evening.  (Again, PLEASE try to pick up your shirts and packets on Friday, if at all possible)

1pm – Kids Mile-Run begins! Parents are highly encouraged to run/walk the race with their kids if they feel their child may need help, assistance or encouragement along the way. We have some exciting surprises up our sleeves for all the kids running the race that day.

2pm – The 5k Run/Walk and the 10k Run begins!

6pm – After party and silent auction begins at 13th Street Pub and Grill in Hyde Park in Boise.

Weather for the coming weekend is looking like it’s going to be HOT! Current forecast predicts temperatures in the upper 80’s! We will have one water aid station in place for the Kids’ Mile-Run, three water aid stations in place for the 5k and five water aid stations in place for the 10k. With that said, please make sure to be drinking plenty of water between now and race day, and it would be a good idea to also bring your own H2O for you and your family, so that you can stay hydrated before the race. Also, don’t forget to pack your sunscreen and protect that skin!

Don’t forget, that following the races at the park on Sunday, we will be holding our after party and silent auction at the 13th Street Pub and Grill in Hyde Park in Boise. The post-race party and silent auction begins at 6pm. You will NOT want to miss out on this silent auction! Here are a few of the items that will be up for bid:

- BSU Football helmet, signed by Coach Pete and the BSU coaching staff

- BSU Football signed by Coach Pete

- Framed autographed “50 Win” photograph of Kellen Moore

- Weekend Get-Aways to Tamarack Resort, Sun Valley Resort, and many others

- Tickets to Local Sporting Events

- Handmade Fly Fishing Rod

- Sturgeon Fishing Trip for Four People

- Framed Art and Photography by distinguished local artists and photographers

- Themed Gift Baskets


A big weekend for a special little girl is only a few short days away. We are very excited, and cannot wait to run, walk and cheer in honor and support of 5-year-old Faith Canfield and her fight against leukemia.


Post-Race Party and Silent Auction Starts at 6pm on Sunday!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Thank you for your Prayers and thank you for your help!

We received reports from Faith's mom Rachel that Faith is suddenly feeling MUCH better, and in fact, was feeling well enough to go to school yesterday, and even felt well enough to go to her dance class last night.  We are not dumb to the fact that her rapid recovery from feeling ill is a direct result of answer to some big prayers from all of you.  So we thank you all for keeping Faith a priority in all of your continued thoughts and prayers.  We ask that you please keep praying that she remain healthy and feeling well this coming week, so that her and her family are able to make the private chartered flight (which, again, was an extremely generous donation of the Moon Family and Tim Griffin of Jetstream Aviation) from Portland to Boise on Friday to be with us all as we participate in Robie's Got Faith.  These upcoming events are going to put some very big smiles on a very little girls face throughout the upcoming weekend.  Pray for her health, for her to feel well and for her doctor's release, so that we can all see first-hand that big beautiful smile of hers next weekend.

Also, we would like to thank all of you that have volunteered to help with the events during the Robie's Got Faith weekend.  We had such a huge response from all of you, that we are actually at the point where we are now saying, "No more help!  No more help!", which is a really weird thing to be saying...considering that most races have to literally BEG for help all the way up to race day.  Therefore, you'll notice that our "Volunteers Needed!" page on this website has been taken down.  No more volunteers needed...still feels weird to say that.

The people that have become involved with Robie's Got Faith either by participating, or by volunteering, are really some very unique people who have some especially large and caring hearts.  So, THANK YOU ALL who have volunteered to donate your time and energy to serve in some form during the Robie's Got Faith weekend, to ensure that our events go off without a hitch.  We are astounded by the volume of people who have stepped forward and have said, "I want to help!"  We thank you all so much!

Finally, a pic of this morning's "final" Robie's Got Faith Saturday morning run and walk workout group.  Our next photo will be from the starting line of the Race to Robie Creek...Aldape Summit awaits!:
Photo courtesy of Darren Russinger Photography

Friday, April 13, 2012

Prayers for Faith...

With the Robie's Got Faith events just a little over a week away, we'd like to ask you all to please keep Faith in your thoughts and prayers.  She's had a couple of rough days.  She has been bruising a lot in the past week, has not felt really well and her mom says that she was vomiting last night.  Faith had more chemo and a transfusions this week, too.  We are praying that Faith begins to feel better so that she is well enough to be able to travel to Boise next week to be with all of us for this very special event that we are putting together in her honor.  We ask you all to please keep Faith in all of your ongoing thoughts and prayers, that her body be strong enough to travel to be with us all next week.  It's going to put a BIG smile on her face to be able to see so many people who are standing and fighting with her...will be something very special for her and her family.  Thank you, in advance, for all of your prayers.

Also, as a reminder, tomorrow is our final Saturday morning group run and walk workout, prior to the Robie weekend.  Tomorrow we will meet again in the parking lot at Fort Boise Park at 7:45am.  Tomorrow's workouts will be light and easy, as we begin a good week of tapering prior to the Robie weekend, so that we can all be sure our legs, bodies and minds are ready for race day.  Hope to see everyone there!

Again...please keep Faith in all of your continued thoughts and prayers.  Thank you!

For Faith!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Faith and Her Daddy...

Faith and her Daddy.  Please keep Faith in all of your prayers!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter from Robie's Got Faith!

A BIG Happy Easter to everyone from Robie's Got Faith!

Yesterday, our weekly Saturday morning run and walk group completed our toughest training yet.  With only two weeks to go to the Race to Robie Creek TM and Robie's Got Faith, next Saturday's workout will be a tapered workout, so that we can all rest our legs and lungs a bit, in preparation for race day.

Yesterday, our respective groups put in the most miles that we have ran and walked, yet.  The 5k run/walk group put in a 2.5-mile route, the 10k run group put in a 5-mile route and the Robie runners ran a 13-mile out-n-back to Aldape Summit.  Although the sun was out yesterday, it was no match for the brutal cold wind that was sweeping through the valley.  It was a beautiful looking day, but it was very frigid and cold when we all set out that morning.  

Next week, we meet once again, on Saturday morning at 7:45am in the parking lot at Fort Boise Park.  One week left to train before the Race to Robie Creek TM and Robie's Got Faith!  See you all next Saturday morning for our final run and walk group workout before race day!

Some photos from yesterday's run and walk group workout:

Image courtesy of Darren Russinger Photography

Friday, April 6, 2012

We Need Volunteers!

Robie's Got Faith is in desperate need of volunteers to help out with the packet pick-up, races, post-race party and silent auction during the weekend of April 20th, 21st and 22nd.  If you would like to donate your time and energy that weekend to honor and support Faith as a volunteer for Robie's Got Faith, please CONTACT US, and let us know!  Your help is greatly needed, and very much appreciated!  THANK YOU!!!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

To the Summit!

Saturday morning at 7:45 am, our weekly run and walk group meets once again in the parking lot at Fort Boise Park.  This week is our most intense week of training.

Those training for the Race to Robie Creek will be running to the top of Aldape Summit, and back (however, we will start at the top of Rocky Canyon, before you drop down from Table Rock Road).  In total, it should be an approximate 13 mile day, and a good simulation of what the actual race is going to feel like on the legs, lungs and heart.  Our 10k group will be putting in a 5-mile run, and our 5k group will be going for 2.5-miles.  This is the last weekend for intense training.  Next weekend, we taper and allow the legs to heal a bit, the weekend following that?  That's when the real fun begins!

Looking forward to seeing everyone Saturday morning at 7:45am at Fort Boise Park.  Be sure to drink lots of fluids and rest up well the night before.  See you all then!

For Faith!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Thank You to the Moon Family, Tim Griffin and Jetstream Aviation!

Tonight we are proud to formally announce that a few very generous individuals and an extremely compassionate organization have stepped up in a very big way to ensure that Faith will be able to be with us the weekend of Robie's Got Faith, to be a part of all of the events on April 21st and 22nd.  

Due to her very weak immune system as result of her illness and chemo treatments, Faith is unable to travel via commercial airline.  Also, because she is getting her treatments at Doernbecher Children's Hospital, driving from Portland to Boise to be a part of Robie's Got Faith that weekend, would make for too long of a road trip, should she become ill during her travels, or during the weekend of Robie's Got Faith.  She simply would not be able to get back to the care of her doctor and Doernbecher Children's Hospital in time, if they were to drive to Boise.

But, in answer to prayer, we are proud to announce that the kind, caring and compassionate Moon Family have very generously donated the use of their private aircraft, AND have also donated all the costs of fuel and other expenses needed for transporting Faith and her family to and from Boise for the weekend of Robie's Got Faith.  Furthermore, Tim Griffin of Jetstream Aviation has offered his time, service and flight hours that weekend to pilot the plane, and be available throughout the weekend, should Faith fall ill and need to be returned to promptly to Portland for care.  

So, as long as Faith is healthy enough to travel that weekend, and she gets a release from her doctor the week prior to the Robie's Got Faith weekend, she will be with us all to be a part of something very special that this community has pulled together to do in support and honor of her.  What a very exciting thing for her and her family to be a part of, in the midst of what is truly a challenging time in the lives of this family.

It's hard to even express how thankful we are for the Moon Family, Tim Griffin and all of the kind folks of Jetstream Aviation!!!  So thankful to you all for your very BIG hearts, and your extreme generosity.  THANK YOU!!!  Also, a big thanks to our fellow Robie's Got Faith team member, Lauren Koller, for helping us in coordinating this.  We are so very thankful for all of the people involved, who have stepped up to make sure that Faith is able to be with us that weekend, so that she can see with her own eyes, how many people are standing with her as she fights this battle.

One other final thank you: we received a generous donation from an individual (who wished to remain anonymous), which is to be used for Faith and her family to rent a car and pay for fuel while they are here in Boise, so that they have their own wheels in transporting Faith from one event to another that weekend.  Thank you to this very generous individual for your very generous gift!

We give a very BIG THANK YOU to all of the individuals and organizations mentioned above who have pulled together to ensure that necessary transportation needs are met, so that Faith will be able to be a part of Robie's Got Faith with us that weekend.  THANK YOU ALL!!!