Saturday, March 31, 2012

News...and it's all GOOD NEWS!

Three GOOD newsworthy items that we would like to share:

Faith (on left) with her cousin Kennedy
GOOD NEWS Item #1:  First, and foremost, Faith has had a great week and weekend.  She has been able to spend the entire spring break week with her brother Will, her sister Anna and her cousins Kennedy and Emerson.  She has felt very good this week, and has been able to play dress up, do some artwork, and even felt well enough to take a quick drive to the coast for a day with her family.  For the first time, in a long time, she's been able to get outside and laugh and play just like any 5-year-old should.  Some other good news, is that when Faith went in to restart her chemo treatments on Thursday, the doctors said that her neutrophil (good white blood cell) counts were up over 1,000!  This was great news, and this coupled with her high energy levels, and the fact that she feels so well, has been a very big answer to a lot of prayers.  It has definitely been an excellent spring break for Faith and her family. We thank all of you for your continued thoughts and prayers for Faith.  This is all good news!  THANK YOU!!!

GOOD NEWS Item #2:  A fellow Robie's Got Faith team member, is going to be unable to run the Race to Robie Creek and would like to transfer their number with someone else who may be looking for a Race to Robie Creek number.  Should you be interested, please let us know.  To obtain the number, you will need to pay the cost of the number, plus the transfer fee involved.  Again, for somebody who may be looking for a Race to Robie Creek number, this is just more good news!

GOOD NEWS Item #3:  As of today, we have just over 300 people registered for the various events of Robie's Got Faith on Sunday, April 22nd!  There's still time to register, so if you haven't done so already, please CLICK HERE to do so now.  If you have registered, please spread the word and get your friends and family to join in on the fun and events of April 22nd. It's going to be an amazing day, and we have some very cool things up our sleeves for our race day participants.  We cannot wait.  Again, just some more good news!

Friday, March 30, 2012

Saturday Morning Group Run & Walk

Just a reminder that we'll be meeting once again tomorrow morning in the parking lot at Fort Boise Park in Boise at 7:45am for our weekly Saturday morning group run and walk.  This week, the portion of our group that is training for the Race to Robie Creek will be running a 12-mile out-and-back up Shaw Mountain Road and up into Rocky Canyon.  The 10k portion of our group has a flat 4-mile route mapped out, and the 5k portion has a 2-mile route mapped out.  All are invited and encouraged to join us, as we get together to train as a group for Faith!  See you all tomorrow, and bring a friend!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

A BIG THANK YOU to Pallet Express, Meadow Gold and Sysco for their very generous contributions!

Robie's Got Faith would like to take this moment to send a BIG THANK YOU to Pallet Express, Meadow Gold and Sysco for their very generous support and contributions to Robie's Got Faith!

Recently, Robie's Got Faith received a very generous and sizable monetary donation from Pallet Express of Salt Lake City, Utah.  We give a very BIG THANK YOU to our friends at Pallet Express for their care, concern and support for Faith via our Robie's Got Faith efforts.  

Also, Meadow Gold has recently offered to provide product sponsorship for Robie's Got Faith by donating milk and chocolate milk for our participants at the finish line on race day.  THANK YOU to our good friends at Meadow Gold for their very generous support.  Nothing refuels a body after a long run quite like chocolate milk does.  Many THANKS for your help in making race day for Robie's Got Faith participants something special.

Last, but certainly not least, our good friends at Sysco will be donating other food and other items that we will be needing on race day.  They will be donating the paper cups needed for our water stations, oranges and bananas for our race participants at the finish line, as well as bottled water.  A VERY BIG THANK YOU to Sysco for their contribution through product sponsorship, as well!

THANK YOU , once again, to all of our fine corporate sponsors, and we remind everyone to please support those businesses that support Faith!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Course Description and Map for Robie's Got Faith

First we would like to give a VERY BIG THANK YOU to Kevin Graville at Valley Air Photos, for providing the aerial photography for our course map, and also to Leo Geis of Persuasion Interactive Media for his time and talent in putting together such an awesome interactive course map and description for the Robie's Got Faith 2012 10k run, 5k run/walk and Kids' Mile-Run.  A BIG thank you to these two wonderful companies, and to Kevin and Leo, specifically, for their big hearts in donating their time and talent to put this course map together for us.  THANK YOU KEVIN AND LEO! 

To view the course map that Leo Geis and Persuasion Interactive Media has designed for us, please CLICK HERE.

For further details and descriptions about the courses, please click the "Course Description" tab now found on our website.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Pics and Videos from Saturday Morning's Group Run and Walk - 3/24/12

Image Courtesy of Darren Russinger Photography

"Hi Faith!"

Faith on 3...1-2-3 FAITH!

Robie Training for Faith:  Where the Pavement Ends, and the Pain Begins

Robie Training for Faith:  Lucia Hits the Turnaround Point...Great Work, Lucia!

Robie Training for Faith:  Larry and Tanya powering down through Rocky Canyon...Go Stearns!

Robie Training for Faith:  An absolutely gorgeous morning in Boise, ID.  We Love You, FAITH!!!

Friday, March 23, 2012

March 23rd - News and Announcements

-  We are now seeking volunteers!  If you will not be participating in any of the running/walking events for Robie's Got Faith on April 22nd, but would like to be involved in some form of capacity, WE WANT YOU!  We are needing volunteers for race day to help us keep things organized and moving along.  We are seeking about 20 volunteers for race that day to help with set-up, shirt pick-ups, water stations, clean-up and tear-down following the events.  Also, that evening, we will need volunteers to assist us at the post-race party and silent auction that evening.  If you would like to volunteer to help us make Robie's Got Faith as special as possible for Faith that day, please CONTACT US and let us know that you'd like to help...and, THANK YOU!

-  Tomorrow morning, those who want to to join us, are welcomed to meet in the parking lot at Fort Boise Park in Boise, for our weekly Saturday morning group run and walk.  Once a week our group gets together to run and walk in order to train and prepare for our respective upcoming races.  Tomorrow's routes will include a 10-mile out-n-back up Shaw Mtn. Road and up into Rocky Canyon for Robie runners, a Warm Springs Ave. 4-mile loop for 10k runners, and a 2-mile Warm Springs loop for 5k runners and walkers.  Please plan on joining us'll find that training in a group setting is a much more enjoyable way to get your miles in, and you'll also find that your performance and endurance will increase more quickly when training with others.  See you tomorrow!  Bring a friend!

-  It's important to note that we will be taking race registrations all the way up until race day (April 22nd).  However, in order to guarantee that you have your Robie's Got Faith shirt in time for the race on the 22nd, we need to have received your race registration no later than today (March 23rd).  So, if you want to be sure to wear your Robie's Got Faith shirt in honor of Faith on race day, make sure to take the time to REGISTER NOW.

-  We have more Robie's Got Faith posters and postcards printed.  So, if you have a high-traffic area where you would like to hang a poster to help us in getting the word out about Robie's Got Faith, please CONTACT US, and we will make sure to get you posters.

-  Last, but certainly not least, do NOT forget to mark your calendar to join us for the post-race party and silent auction at the 13th St. Pub and Grill on the evening of April 22nd.  We will have appetizers and a no-host bar, along with lots of cool items that are being auctioned off, including vacation packages, hotel stays, gift cards to popular local restaurants, BSU football and Idaho Steelheads tickets, and signed BSU memorabilia.  You won't want to miss the post-race's going to be a great time of celebration for a job well-done, and 100% of the proceeds from the auction will go directly to Faith and her family in support of her fight.  Be sure to be there, and bring the will be a good time!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Robie's Got Faith Mentioned in Today's Idaho Statesman!

Thank you to our friend and fellow Robie's Got Faith team member, Chantayn Winner, for making us aware of this...we had no idea the Idaho Statesman was even aware of our efforts...very cool!  Thank you Idaho Statesman for helping us get the word out!

A BIG thank you to Clif Bar!

Those guys at Clif Bar are some very good folks! Thank you Clif Bar for helping fuel our racers on race day at Robie's Got Faith by providing product sponsorship of 1,000 Clif Bars!  Our runners and walkers will put them to very good use come race day.  THANK YOU!!!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Donations Needed for Post-Race Silent/Live Auction!

Following the Robie's Got Faith races on Sunday April 22nd, all registrants are invited to attend our post-race party and silent/live auction at the 13th St. Pub and Grill in Hyde Park in Boise. At this time, we are eagerly seeking donations from area businesses for auction items. If you, or someone you know, owns a business and would be willing to donate a product or service for our auction, PLEASE let us know! 100% of proceeds from the silent/live auction will go directly to the Faith Canfield Benefit Fund! Thank you, in advance, for your compassion, support and your donations for this worthy event! 

Saturday, March 17, 2012

A Journal Entry by Faith's Big Brother Will . . .

A journal entry written earlier this week by Faith's older brother, Will.  Faith is very fortunate to have Will as a big brother.  He's a great kid who doesn't think of himself, and is very good to Faith as she fights Leukemia.  Thank you, Will, for being such a great big brother to your little sister:

My name is Will.  I am Faith’s older brother.  I did not have school today.  It is really boring.  We went to the hospital.  It was short.  Her blood was too low to give her medicine today.  Faith and I have been playing robbers.  I played on the computer.  It rains a lot but we get to have fires at night.  Faith is brave, strong and tough.

Saturday Morning Group Run and Walk Rained-Out :(

Our Saturday morning group run and walk was cancelled this morning due to excessive amount of water falling from the sky.  Although our group training was cancelled, the Race to Robie CreekTM will be here before we know it.  So, for those training for the Race to Robie CreekTM, it is critical that you get your long run in this weekend, and it's even more critical that you get some hills in.  Today, we were planning on running 9.25 miles, with our route taking us from Camel's Back Park to Fort Boise Park, and then up Shaw Mountain Road, down into Rocky Canyon to where the pavement ends, and back to Camel's Back.  Hopefully, we get a break in the dark and dreary weather this weekend, so that you can get out to get some miles and some HILLS in!  Good luck to all of you as you do your long runs on your own this weekend.  

For 10k folks, we had planned a 4-mile route, starting at Camel's Back Park, going to Fort Boise Park, and back to Camel's Back Park, and for 5k folks a 2-mile loop.  Robie's Got Faith will also be here before you know if the clouds part this weekend, make sure to get out and get your miles in!

Next Saturday, we are back at it...we will be meeting in the parking lot (near the dog park/Military Reserve) at Fort Boise Park at 7:45am.  Look forward to seeing you all then, and pray for some great weather, so that we can get some good mileage and some good hill work in.  See you then, and bring a friend!

For FAITH!!!

Friday, March 16, 2012

See you tomorrow! Saturday AM Group Run/Walk!

Tomorrow morning, we are back at it again! We are meeting at 7:45am in the parking lot at Camel's Back Park. Half-marathon (Robie) runners are going to be hitting the HILLS! 10k folks have a good 4-mile route set up, and the 5k folks are going to hit a nice 2.5-mile loop. Looking forward to seeing you all there! Don't forget to bring a friend! We run/walk for Faith!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Thank You to Casey McMullen for His Web Expertise

Casey McMullen
We for sure need to acknowledge our good friend, Casey McMullen for providing us with THIS GREAT REGISTRATION PAGE.  Without Casey's assistance in helping us set up our online registration, we would still be sitting here scratching our heads trying to figure out how folks could actually get registered for Robie's Got Faith.  Thanks to Casey, we have a very slick registration process, that we can all be proud of.  We are very thankful to be associated with Casey, as he truly is the most brilliant web guy in the valley (we're not just saying that...follow his blog, and you'll see what we mean...the guy is truly a genius).  We say THANK YOU to Casey McMullen for donating his time, brilliancy and expertise to Robie's Got Faith, so that all of you great people are able to get yourselves REGISTERED online to do something very GREAT for 5 year-old Faith Canfield, come April 22nd.  If you haven't done so already, get REGISTERED, so that you can try Casey's registration page out for yourselves!  

P.S. - We are not kidding when we say that Casey is a brilliant web guy.  Anyone who is in need of anything "web-related" for your organization or business, we strongly encourage you to contact Casey.  You can thank us later.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


EARLY REGISTRATION FOR ROBIE'S GOT FAITH ENDS IN 10 DAYS!!! To guarantee that you have your Robie's Got Faith shirt to wear on April 22nd to show your support and honor for Faith Canfield, we must receive your registration no later than 12pm on Friday March 23rd. REGISTER TODAY and make a BIG impact in the life of 5 year-old Faith Canfield!!! 

Sunday, March 11, 2012


Robie's Got Faith would like to thank Clif Bar for their generous support.  Come race day, Robie's Got Faith participants will have the opportunity to pre-fuel before the race, or re-fuel following the race, with a nutritious energy-filled Clif Bar, thanks to the generous product support of this great company.  A BIG THANK YOU to the good people at Clif Bar for all of their involvement and support for Robie's Got Faith.  THANK YOU!!!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Week 5 Group Training - A Beautiful Day in Boise

This morning our run and walk group gathered at Big City Coffee in Boise, before heading out on our runs and walks.  When we all arrived this morning, there was a chill in the air, but we could all tell it was going to be a beautiful day in the city of Boise, as the sun was peaking up over downtown.  A few of us enjoyed a cup of coffee, and we all chatted a bit at Big City before heading out on our runs and walks.  

Today, the half-marathon (Robie) runners put in a good-paced 9-mile run, which was run mostly on the Greenbelt.  The 10k folks had a nice 4-mile Greenbelt route, and we had a 2-mile route mapped for the 5k folks, as well.  

Although it was a bit chilly to start the morning, the sun came up and warmed things up rather nicely.  You could not have asked for a better day to run in the city of Boise.  The sun was out, the air was crisp and the company of the group was excellent.  A great workout, and a lot of fun with some fine folks who not only love to run and walk, but also have a special place in their heart for a sick little 5 year-old girl.


Thank you to everyone who came out to join us for today's Saturday run and walk workout.  Next week, we're back at it again.  Only hills from here on out for the folks training for the Race to Robie Creek TM.  Next week we meet at 7:45am in the parking lot at Camel's Back Park.  Mark it on your calendar and be there!  Bring your friends, too!  See you then!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Tomorrow the Fun Starts at Big City Coffee

Come join us tomorrow morning at 7:45am at Big City Coffee in Boise (1416 Grove St.), as we will be meeting to do a group run and walk.  Tomorrow we have some nice Greenbelt routes mapped out, with a 9-mile run planned for the half-marathon (Race to Robie) folks, a 4-mile route planned for the 10k folks and a 2-mile route for the 5k folks.  Every week, we've had more and more fun, as we gather together to get a good sweat on, as we train and better ourselves in honor of Faith and her fight.  

Looking forward to seeing you all in the morning...bring your friends!

For Faith!   :)

Thursday, March 8, 2012

A BIG Thank You to Shu's Idaho Running Company!

Today we give a BIG THANK YOU to Mike Shuman, Leone Rusher and the rest of the staff at Shu's Idaho Running Company, for all of the assistance that they have provided us in helping promote and organize Robie's Got Faith.  There is no question, that our event to benefit Faith Canfield and her family, would not be possible without these very good and caring folks.  We say thank you to Shu's Idaho Running Company, and we urge everyone who is participating in Robie's Got Faith and is in support of Faith in her fight, to purchase all of your running and walking shoes, and other product needs, at Shu's Idaho Running Company.  They have done SO much to make all of this possible.  Thank you, Shu's!  Your help in making all of this possible is appreciated more than you guys could know.  THANK YOU!!!

Our Posters Have Been Printed!

Our posters have been printed, and are ready to be distributed in helping to spread the word!  If you have a high-traffic business, and would want to hang a poster to help us in getting the word out, please let us know. A BIG THANKS to 45wall Design for designing such a great looking poster (you're amazing Traci!), and a BIG THANKS to Doug McFerrin at Calvary Chapel Boise for printing these up for us!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Another Great Saturday Group Run/Walk in Preparation for Robie's Got Faith!

This week, we've asked fellow Robie's Got Faith organizer/participant, Sarah Price, to provide us with the workout report, following Saturday's group run and walk:

Image courtesy of Darren Russinger Photgraphy
Larger group of people this week!! In fact one lady, Debbie did not have any correlation with Faith apart from hearing about Robie's got Faith from the previous night at Shu's Idaho Running Company and being new to the Boise area she wanted to join in the running group. Pretty amazing! Lauren's sister Ryan joined us for the longer run too as well as Sara with Camden and dog Zoey!

All starting at Camelsback Park with nice-ish weather, everyone starting the same route through Hyde Park, up Fort and back down 15th St. The 9 milers continued up 15th St hill where it deadends and up on over to 8th St. Downhill and uphill on Ridgeline onto 8th St to 13th to Camelsback Park. The 4 milers included a little hill on 15th and turned around back to Camelsback. The 1.5 ers walked a flat course back to Camelsback Park.

All in all I think there were 21 of us - including the 2 dogs!

Great day, and challenging hills for the Robie Creekers but I think they enjoyed it!!


Thank you for the report, Sarah!  And, thank all of you who showed up to Saturday morning's workout, as well as all of you who have registered (or will soon be registering) to participate in Robie's Got Faith on April 22nd!  It's sure to be a great event going to benefit a very deserving sick little girl.

Next week, we meet again for another Saturday morning group run and walk.  We'll be meeting at Big City Coffee in downtown Boise (1416 Grove St., between 14th and 15th St.) at 7:45am.  We hope to see you all there!  Bring your friends, and enjoy a good group run and walk!

For Faith!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Come Out and Run and Walk with Fellow Robie's Got Faith Participants!

Come out and join fellow Robie's Got Faith runners and walkers this coming Saturday (March 3rd).  We will be meeting in the parking lot at Camel's Back Park in Boise at 7:45am.  All are welcome to join us, regardless of your age or ability.  We have everything from easy walks, to tough hilly runs set up for this Saturday's workout.  Whether you're young or old, slow or fast, everyone is welcome to join us, so that you can stay motivated with your training in a group setting.  You'll be amazed at how much more fun it is to workout and train with a group, and what an overall better workout you will get.  Hope to see you all there!  

Former Boise State All-American Steps Up Big for Faith!

Former NFL defensive end and Boise State Football All-American, Joe O'Brien, has stepped up in a very big way for Faith!  Joe has provided a very hefty and generous donation to Robie's Got Faith.  Furthermore, Joe has pledged 50% of all of the sales of his recently published autobiography for the next month to the Faith Canfield Benefit Fund.  

Joe's autobiography, entitled Busted Bronco: From Addiction to Redemption, follows Joe's life journey from his rise to greatness in collegiate athletics and the NFL, to his fall and despair during his time spent in federal prison resulting from his drug addictions, and his subsequent repentance, redemption and release from his addictions through his faith in God.  

If you, or someone you know is suffering in life due to an addiction, we highly encourage you to purchase and read this book.  As mentioned, 50% of all book sales in the coming month, Joe has most generously pledged in donating to the Faith Canfield Benefit Fund.

To order Joe's book, you may contact him directly via his website (this way you can receive a signed copy).  Or, you may purchase his book online at amazon.  

Robie's Got Faith cannot thank Joe enough for his generous donation, and for his pledge to Faith's Benefit Fund.  Joe was always a big man during his playing days on the blue field of Bronco his heart is even bigger!  Thanks, Joe!