Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Special Offer for Robie's Got Faith from earHerosport!

Thank you to earHerosport for pledging their profits directly to Faith's fund for anyone who enters Coupon Code "FAITH" when purchasing the earHerosport on their website.  Designed by an audiologist, earHerosport earphones are so tiny they never block your ear canal. Because your ear canal is left open, you are able to hear your surroundings while still listening to music. You can hear people speak, hear cars, hear potential dangers. Whether you are hitting the slopes, out for a long ride or going for a run, earHerosport makes your active lifestyle more safe.

The earHerosport is regularly retailed at $149.  But, for a limited time, anyone entering Coupon Code "FAITH" can now get the safest earphones on the market for only $129.  The best of all is whenever you purchase an earHerosport, earHero will donate the profits from that sale directly to the Faith Canfield Benefit Fund.

Thank you to earHerosports for this great offer for Robie's Got Faith, and for dedicating your profits to help Faith and her family.  Thank you!


Yes, that's right...Faith's mom Rachel was a leap-year baby.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY, RACHEL!  Enjoy it, you only get a birthday once every 4 years!

We all hope you get to enjoy your birthday, and we pray that you get a slight reprieve from the daily drama and minute-to-minute worries and uncertainties that being a mom of a child with leukemia forces you to deal with.


Monday, February 27, 2012

In Memory of Karen Ann

Today, a very thoughtful, extremely generous, and certainly very meaningful gift was donated to Robie's Got Faith in memory of Karen Ann.  Karen was a much loved member of Faith's extended family, who is certainly greatly missed by all who knew her.  Karen had a smile that could melt your heart, and she herself had a heart that never ceased to give to those around her.  When it came to kids, not many people cared for and loved kids more than Karen.  Karen's obituary best sums up who she was, and what she stood for:

"Karen was a vibrant, vivid personality, which was reflected by her love of bright colors and flowers.  Karen never saw a child she didn't like.  If a child ever needed an advocate, Karen was there.  She had a unique ability to get down to a child's level, which endeared her to all . . . Rather than flowers, Karen would appreciate donations to her favorite charity.  It will come as no surprise to those who knew her, that charity is Make-A-Wish Foundation of Idaho.  It would be her hope that her death could be a catalyst for a wish being granted in her name."

That's who Karen was, and why the gift given in her name today means so much. Not only because of how generous the gift was, but also because of the person that gift represents.  Karen is one person who would have come immediately and directly to Faith's aid, should she still be with us today.  We miss you, Karen, and we will always love you.  THANK YOU!

A BIG Thank You to Roger and Gayle Batt!

We want to give a very BIG THANK YOU to Roger and Gayle Batt for their very generous donation towards Robie's Got Faith to help in supporting Faith and her family, and to assist in making the Robie's Got Faith event a truly special first-class event for a sick little girl who deserves no less.  Our BIGGEST THANKS to Roger and Gayle for their compassion, care and support of Faith.  You both have very big hearts, and we are deeply moved and grateful for such a generous gift to make this event possible, and to support Faith in her fight.  God bless you and THANK YOU!!!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Saturday Workout and Faith the Barber

Photo Courtesy of Darren Russinger Photography
Yesterday morning, we had another fun time, as we got together as a group to get a good running and walking workout in.  The runners training for Robie ran a nice 8-mile loop, taking them from Camel's Back Park, down through downtown to the Greenbelt, and back up to Camel's Back.  And, wouldn't you know it, we had a head-wind going both ways...that's what running in Idaho is all about.  

Our 10k folks had a good 3-mile loop taking them south into downtown from Camel's Back, before turning back to the park.  Our 5k folks, which consisted of Faith's Papa (Grandpa) Rod and her 5 year-old cousin Kennedy, had a brief jaunt to Harrison Blvd, before Kennedy became too "fatigued" to go any further.  BUT, not too fatigued to climb to the top of the hill at Camel's Back when she got back to the park, forcing her Papa Rod to climb the hill to retrieve her.  What are kids good for, if not to help us old people stay young and in shape?  :)


All in all, we had a great group run and walk.  Lots of smiles, lots of laughs and a good solid workout, as we all ran and walked with Faith at the forefront of our thoughts and discussions.  We are getting together next Saturday at 7:45am, once again, at Camel's Back Park in Boise.  Everyone is welcome and encouraged to join us.  We can assure that you will love working out in a group setting...much more fun than going it alone.  Also, you won't walk away from the workout being disappointed.  Your lungs and legs will have a "good" burn, and your heart will be very full, knowing that you are a part of something that is VERY special to one sick little girl.

As we were running on Saturday morning, Faith was busy back at her own home in Oregon, giving her dad Aaron a haircut.  She's become quite the barber, and is already building a very good reputation at cutting a pretty mean 'do.  So much so, that her Uncle Ryan has already set his appointment with her in March when he goes to Oregon to visit her.  In telling her this over the phone on Saturday afternoon, Faith sounded VERY excited to have the opportunity to work her hair-cutting magic on her Uncle Ryan.  Her Uncle Ryan can't wait.  Will be the best haircut he's ever received from anyone.

Don't forget, Robie's Got Faith takes place on the weekend of April 21st and 22nd.  If you have not yet REGISTERED, please take a moment and do so NOW!  When you do register, you receive a shirt, a chance to participate (if you want) in a race, and you get an invite to post-event party and silent/live auction, which will be held at the 13th St. Pub & Grill.  Best of all, 100% of your registration dollars goes directly to the Faith Canfield Benefit Fund to assist Faith and her family in coping with mounting medical-related expenses.  So, what are you waiting for?  REGISTER NOW!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Welcome to Our Friends Visiting from

We would like to welcome all of you, who were referred to, via Faith's blog at  


A lot of you have been asking and wondering, "How can I HELP the Canfield family during this very difficult time, and help support Faith in her fight against leukemia?"

For those of you who have been asking yourself that very question, look no further!  Here's your chance to make a meaningful and direct impact in helping to support Faith and her family in coping with mounting medical-related expenses, while also honoring and standing with Faith in her fight against this awful, wicked disease.

On the weekend of April 21st and 22nd, runners, walkers and people who simply want to support in spirit, will be coming together with one mind, one heart and one focus, for the inaugural Robie's Got Faith events.  During that weekend, we will be coming together as friends, family and community to stand in solidarity with Faith to honor her as she fights leukemia, and to help her family in raising funds to ease the burden of heavy medical-related expenses.

We implore you to take a moment to explore this website, so that you can learn more about Faith, learn more about the origins of Robie's Got Faith, and most importantly REGISTER to be a part of this very special weekend in April. Whether you run, walk, or simply like to cheer for those who do, we encourage you to please REGISTER!  

When you register, you officially join the "team" and will receive a Robie's Got Faith shirt to wear to show your support on April 22nd.  The best part is,100% of your registration fee goes directly to the Faith Canfield Benefit Fund.  You get to provide direct financial support for Faith, while also getting a shirt to wear to show your support and honor for her.  It's a true win-win!

Are you from out of town, or not able to physically be a part of the events that weekend?  No problem...we still encourage you to REGISTER and wear your "Robie's Got Faith" t-shirt on April 22nd to honor Faith that matter where you live, or where you may be that day.

Also, for those who would simply like to donate money, but maybe are not interested in Robie's Got Faith, or maybe you have registered for Robie's Got Faith, but want to give more . . . we do have a simple donation page where you can do just that.


(Own a business?  Robie's Got Faith is continually searching for corporate sponsors to help us in making this a truly special event for Faith and her family.  If your company would like to become an official sponsor of Robie's Got Faith, please contact us for more details.)

Friday, February 24, 2012

Registration and Team Workout!

In case you had not heard, registration is now open for Robie's Got Faith.  Whether you are a runner, a walker, or would simply like to participate in "spirit", all are welcome to register for Robie's Got Faith, which will officially be taking place on April 22nd.  When you register, you will receive a "Robie's Got Faith" shirt to wear in pride and honor of Faith Canfield on April 22nd.  The best part is, 100% of your registration fee will go directly to the Faith Canfield Benefit Fund to assist Faith and her family in coping with mounting medical-related expenses as she fights her battle against leukemia.  So what are you waiting for?  Register NOW!

Also, everyone is invited to join us for a group run/walk every Saturday morning from now until April 22nd.  Tomorrow morning (Feb. 25th) we will be meeting in the parking lot at Camel's Back Park at 7:45am for some stretching, and then we'll begin our group run and group walk at 8am.  Tomorrow, our half-marathon (Robie) runners will be running an 8-mile flat course (since we hit the hills pretty hard last week).  Our 10k runners, will have a 3-mile route (on a flat course), and our 5k runners and walkers will have a 1.5-mile route.  Our group workouts usually only take an hour or so.  Some people in our groups run/walk fast, others run/walk slow.  Speed and how far you can go, does not make any difference in our group.  Everyone goes at their own pace, for as far as they want to go.  The important thing is, that we are together as a group, getting ourselves into better shape, and doing so with the good cause and purpose of helping a 5 year-old girl fight her battle against leukemia.  

Hope to see everyone in the morning!  

Again, if you haven't done so...register for Robie's Got Faith now, and get your official 2012 "Robie's Got Faith" shirt!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Robie's Got Faith Registration Opens Tomorrow (Friday the 24th) at 8am!

Tomorrow morning (Friday the 24th) at 8am, registration for the Robie's Got Faith 10k, 5k and Kid's Mile-Run officially opens!  These events will be held on the day after the Race to Robie Creek TM on Sunday April 22nd at 1pm at Veteran's Memorial Park in Boise.  Following the events that day, all registrants will be invited to join us at the 13th St. Pub and Grill in Hyde Park in Boise for our after-party and silent/live auction.  When you register, you can sign up to run the 10k, run or walk the 5k, have your kids run in the Kid's Mile-Run, or simply sign up to participate "in spirit" to support Faith in her fight against leukemia.

When you register yourself and others in your family for the Robie's Got Faith events, you will get a "Robie's Got Faith" shirt, the opportunity to participate in the Robie's Got Faith events, and be able to partake in the after-party and live/silent auction at the 13th St. Pub & Grill following the events.  The VERY BEST part of all of this (thanks to the generosity of our wonderful and amazing corporate sponsors) is that 100% of your registration fees will go directly to the Faith Canfield Benefit Fund, to help in supporting Faith and her single-income family with medical-related expenses.

ATTENTION RACE TO ROBIE CREEK TM RUNNERS: For those who are registered to run the Race to Robie Creek TM on Saturday, April 21st, WE NEED YOU!!  Please register for Robie's Got Faith, and wear your shirt during your race to Robie Creek, to show that you've dedicated your race up the mountain this year in honor and support of Faith.  Since you will have registered in order to get a "Robie's Got Faith" shirt, you're also allowed the opportunity to sign up for either our 10k or 5k races, and join us for the after-party at the 13th St. Pub. Please do take advantage of this, and select to join us for the 10k or 5k races the day after Robie. You'll find that a nice 10k or 5k run, will do wonders at loosening and rehabilitating your tight/sore Robie legs!

We encourage all of you to report back to our website tomorrow morning at 8am to register your entire family, and join us as we fight the good fight, finish the race and keep the faith, to help support and honor 5 year-old Faith Canfield in her fight and struggle against leukemia.


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Faith is Home! Thanks for the Prayers!

Faith's fever stayed down over the night, and this morning when the nurses checked her, they felt the fever was gone for good.  So, she was released from the hospital and was allowed to return home today!  What had been a very sick and lethargic little girl for the past several days, is now feeling much better, and is back to her usual self this evening.  She is feeling well enough, that her mom is currently taking her on a short bike ride to a park near their home, where she can get some sunshine (yes, it is sunny right now in Portland) and fresh air this afternoon.  Also, for the first time since January 8th (now that Faith has the portacath in), she is able to take her first full bath!  When she goes to bed tonight in her own bed, she's going to feel very comfortable and very clean!  More chemo treatments are right around the corner for Faith, but tonight, she gets to enjoy her day, just as every child should. 

Thank you all for your constant prayers...your prayers are making all the difference!  We ask that she please remain in your prayers.  THANK YOU, and THANKS TO GOD for his mercy and comfort for Faith!!!

Thank You to Bobby and Brandy Lawrence

We thank our very good friends, Bobby and Brandy Lawrence, for stepping up in a very bold way to help in supporting Faith in her fight.  Their donation to support Faith and her family during this very difficult time, is extremely generous, and no words can describe how grateful and thankful we are to these very good friends for their compassion and generosity, except to say THANK YOU!  Thank you to Bobby and Brandy, may God bless your huge hearts and your family, and may God use your gift to help Faith and her family as Faith moves ahead in fighting this vicious disease.  THANK YOU, Lawrence family!!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Battle is Tiring

A recent photo of Faith in her bed at Doernbecher, shared by her father Aaron.  Faith has had a very tough battle these past several days, as her body has felt the effects of the new chemo that the doctors have put her on.  She has had high fevers, headaches, neck aches, and bouts of vomiting.  Our hearts just break for this sweet little girl, and the fight that she is having to endure.  We ask that she stay central in your continual thoughts and prayers.  Thank you all.  And, God bless you, Faith.  WE LOVE YOU!

An Emailed Update from Rachel (Faith's Mom)

Faith's mom Rachel, has just Emailed an update on Faith's current condition:

Hi everyone,

Good news, Faith doesn't have a virus and no signs of bacteria in her blood. The Dr doesn't know exactly why she had a fever, upset stomach, and headache. The Drs. guess is that possibly these symptoms were related to the new chemo she is on or just that her body is under stress with surgery and all. Since she doesn't have a virus, she was able to go to the classroom here at the hospital:-). She was so excited to see her teacher Miss Margaret and of course stepping foot out of her room.

As of right now Faith has no fever and should be able to go home tomorrow! Thank you all for your prayers and we love you!


Monday, February 20, 2012

An Update From Faith's "Ol' Aunt Lori"

We received this update on Faith's condition from this previous weekend, from Faith's Aunt Lori.  Thank you all for your continued prayers, as Faith remains quarantined at Doernbecher tonight, battling a fever and a flu bug this evening.  Thank you all!!!

Hello all! I am Faith's Aunt, and I just returned from Oregon where I spent the weekend with her family. They are currently just taking one day at a time (more like one hour at a time), since we really do not know what to expect next. Faith had a really rough late week/weekend, with a new port, a new chemo, and a cold that has morphed into what now the doctor's expect is the stomach flu. Who knew a person could be grateful for the stomach flu and not a bad reaction to the new chemo? She is so strong it is amazing, what a kid. The fever has really taken it's toll on her and with it's heights she is miserable, but even within a hour of it dropping she is sitting up coloring, watching movies and concerned over a hang-nail. Her fever was much better this morning, but now her dad is sick with a bad cold so Rachel is staying with her. There is so much to be thankful for and yet much to pray for. Aaron's alternator is going out on his truck and he barely made it home from a hospital run the other night... so pray that his truck is easily repaired and able to provide the peace of mind of safe transportation for Faith if needed. Pray that the virus ends and doesn't spread through the family and cycle again... been there done that and can't even imagine it with a kid battling Faith's fight. Pray for a good night's sleep for Rachel and Aaron... they truly need it. Pray for Faith, her strength, and the joy of being a child to quickly return. I am truly blessed to be Faith's Aunt.

-Ol' Aunt Lori

Faith's Mom Thanks You All For Your Prayers!

We received a short text update from Rachel (Faith's Mom) this morning:

"God is good!  Faith's fever has come down!  Blood transfusion helped tremendously!  Thank you for praying!  Love you!"

Robie's Got Faith thanks everyone for all of your continual thoughts and prayers as Faith continues to fight her current fever and infection, while being held in quarantine in the oncology ward of Doernbecher Children's Hospital.  We pray that her fever and infection heals, so that she can return back to her home, and her own bed, very soon!  Thank you all!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Race To Robie Creek Registration Tomorrow!


Any of you who are planning on running the Race to Robie Creek in honor of Faith on April 21st.  Set your alarm clocks!  Registration takes place tomorrow (Monday, Feb. 20th) at 12pm.  You can only register online at  Make sure you're in front of your computer no later than 11:55am, so that you can be sure to be one of the first to claim your spot in this race.  Registration closes within only a matter of don't miss out!

HINT:  Be sure to go to and set up an account with this website prior to registration tomorrow. is the website the Race to Robie Creek uses to facilitate the actual transaction of the registration.

Don't forget...tomorrow...high noon!  Good luck and have fun (the registration process is almost more exciting than the actual race!)

An Email from Aaron (Faith's Dad)

Just received this Email this afternoon from Aaron (Faith's Dad), with respect to Faith's current condition.  Please take a moment to pray for Faith, as she is struggling and not feeling well at all this afternoon.  THANK YOU!:

I hope you are doing well. So just a quick update on Faith. We have been fighting a fever since Wednesday after the Port was put in. She has been back and forth to the Hospital as they give her antibiotics. Last night they moved her from the ER to the 10th floor where she is now.

The doctors are trying to pinpoint the cause of the fever, which about an hour ago was over 103. They have her on antibiotics and just gave her some medicine to reduce the fever. We can't leave the room due to the possibility of a virus that they do not want to spread to other children on this floor.

Faith does not feel well due to the fever. She has a headache, her neck hurts, and she is not eating much. I'll keep you updated as we find out more. For now the hope is the antibiotics will rid her body of any infection and she will get better. Her neutrophil count is good at this time.

Thanks for your prayers,


Saturday, February 18, 2012

Faith's Back at the Hospital Tonight

Faith's temperature continued to climb today, so per her doctor's instructions, Faith had to return to the hospital tonight.  Because Doernbecher's clinic is not open on the weekends, she is being admitted through ER.  Faith has had very low energy all day and has had very bad headaches.  We ask for all of your thoughts and prayers as Faith has just arrived the hospital.  We ask that you pray that Faith's headaches subside, and that her fever breaks quickly, so that she can return home where she is most comfortable.  Let's remain in faith, for Faith!  Thank you!

This Morning We Ran as Faith Continued Fighting Her Fever

Image courtesy of Darren Russinger Photography
In speaking with Faith's mom Rachel this morning by phone, we learned that although Faith was sent home from the hospital with antibiotics last night, her 100.6 fever has not yet subsided.  The doctors told Rachel that if Faith's fever continued to persist by 4pm PST today, that Faith would need to return to the hospital.  Since the Doernbecher Children's Hospital clinic is closed to intake on the weekends, this would mean that Faith would have to go into the ER this evening, which Rachel certainly is not wanting to do.  SO, again, we ask everyone to keep your thoughts and prayers with Faith and her family today, and please pray that her fever subsides, so that they do not need to make another hour drive back into Portland to admit Faith via the ER.  Robie's Got Faith thanks you all SO MUCH for all of your thoughts and prayers!  We can't thank you enough!

As Faith was battling her fever this morning, a group of us got together once again to do some training for our respective upcoming 10k, 5k and Half-Marathon races.  Once again, we had a good group turn out, and we all had a great time.  The 10k group got nearly 3 miles in, while the Half-Marathon (Robie) runners got a 7-miler in, which involved running to the top of 15th and back down 8th (the ol' YMCA Christmas Run route).  So, we got some hills in this week, which made the legs burn a bit, but it was a "good" burn.  :)

Next Saturday, we will once again be meeting at Camel's Back Park at 7:45am on Saturday morning (February 25th) to do some more running together in honor of Faith.  Make sure you join us, and bring a friend.  The more the merrier as we do need as many people as possible to help us in doing something special and great for Faith!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Faith Goes Home! Thank You All For Your Thought & Prayers!

Thanks to your thoughts and prayers, and the great doctors at Doernbecher (and the ever reliable antibiotics), Faith's temperature is coming down, and she has been released from the hospital to sleep in her own bed tonight at home.  We want to THANK YOU all for your prayers during the course of the past few hours.  THANK YOU!!!

Also, we had a great meeting with the folks at the 13th St. Pub & Grill this evening.  We can't say enough about the staff at the 13th St. Pub and Grill.  Thank you to Johanna, Tony, Garth, Phil and guys are more than friends to Robie's Got're family.  These guys are going above and beyond, and have some BIG things planned for Faith and her family, come April 22nd for our post-event party for Robie's Got Faith.  If you live in Boise, and have not had dinner yet this evening, go down to the 13th St. Pub and Grill and give these guys your business.  With such huge hearts, they more than deserve it.  THANK YOU!!!

Thoughts and Prayers, Please.

Just got word from Faith's mom, Rachel, that they are in the process of checking Faith back into Doernbecher Children's Hospital at this very moment, due to a fever that she has.  Also, Faith has been getting headaches lately whenever she stands up.  Aaron and Rachel have just gotten Faith checked into the hospital where the doctors and nurses will work to bring her fever back down, and hopefully find ways to help her with her headaches.  We earnestly ask for all of your thoughts and prayers for Faith and her family right now.  Thank you!

2nd Week of Team Training is Tomorrow (Saturday)!

Join us tomorrow, as we continue our 5k, 10k and Half-Marathon (Robie) training tomorrow (Saturday the 18th).  We will be meeting in the parking lot at Camel's Back Park at 7:45am for some stretching, and will begin our runs at 8am.  

We have a nice 1-mile loop mapped out for the 5k-ers, a 2-mile loop for the 10k-ers and a 7.5-mile loop (with a few hills here and there) for the Robie runners.

Last week was a lot of fun, as we trained together for a good cause.  So, we're hoping to see you tomorrow to join us in getting a good workout in, while having some fun and laughs in the process.  Also, if you are going to be joining us, bring a friend!  The more the merrier!

See you tomorrow morning at 7:45am at Camel's Back Park!  

For Faith!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Faith's Portacath Procedure

We were happy and very thankful to hear from Faith's mom, Rachel, that her portacath procedure went well today.  Faith will now begin receiving all of her chemo treatments via the port that was placed today, which means that she can be rid of the PICC line that was in her arm, which would occasionally snag onto her clothing, causing her a lot of discomfort and pain.  

Rachel said that the only real side effect from today's portacath placement procedure, was that once Faith regained consciousness from the anesthesia, her throat was sore from the air tube used to supply oxygen during the surgery.  But, Rachel said that the sore throat was quickly remedied when the hospital staff treated it with a cherry popsicle.  :)

Thank you for all of you praying out there for Faith.  Your thoughts and prayers have been, and continue to be, the true difference maker.  Thank you!

Thank You to Gary & Deborah Crane, and Tony Butterfield

They are not corporations...but they certainly give like corporations.  Yesterday the Faith Canfield Benefit Fund received sizable individual donations from Gary & Deborah Crane, and from Tony Butterfield.  These individuals stepped in, without even thinking twice about it, when they got word of what we're trying to do with Robie's Got Faith to help in supporting Faith and her family.  We want to say THANK YOU to the Cranes and to Tony for their contribution in stepping up to fight with Faith!  THANK YOU!!!  

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Faith's Bone Marrow Biopsy Results

Today we thank God for answer to our prayers, as Faith's recent bone marrow biopsy results came back clean!  We are extremely thankful for this great news!  We ask that you please keep Faith in your prayers, as tomorrow she goes in for surgery so that the doctors can place Faith's portacath, which will be used to deliver the chemotherapy to Faith's circulatory system from now until all of her treatments are complete.  She will undergo general anesthesia for this procedure, so please pray for that she remains at peace and comforted tomorrow as she heads into the hospital for this procedure.  Thanks to all of you for all of your continued care, concern and support for little Faith.  THANK YOU!!!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Our Official Photographer: Darren Russinger Photography

It is with great pleasure that we formally announce Darren Russinger Photography as the official photographer for Robie's Got Faith 2012.  Darren Russinger specializes in lifestyle and sports photography, so we do count it as an extreme privilege to have him shooting our workouts, events and all activities in between, as we memorialize all of this for Faith, so that someday, 30 or 40 years from now perhaps, she'll be able to look at all of the images taken from this event and be able to smile as she views the pictures of the hundreds of caring souls who stood up for her to support her and her family during her fight.  Thank you Darren Russinger Photography for standing up for Faith and helping us in memorializing what is sure to be a truly great event for Faith and her family.  THANK YOU!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

A BIG THANK YOU to TJ Forest Products!

As one of our single largest corporate contributors, we would like to welcome TJ Forest Products to Team Robie's Got Faith, and say THANK YOU for their generosity and support of the Robie's Got Faith event.  Without the kind support and generosity of TJ Forest Products and our other corporate sponsors, there simply is no way that the Robie's Got Faith event would even be viable.  So, we give a HUGE and very sincere THANK YOU to the good-hearted people at TJ Forest Products.  No words are adequate at expressing how truly thankful we are . . . THANK YOU!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

A Team of Faith, For Faith . . .

Photo courtesy of Darren Russinger Photography

This morning, we completed our first ever Robie's Got Faith team workout.  For a first day, we had a very good turnout.  Everyone met at Fort Boise Park at 7:45am, did some stretching, and then we began our runs and walks at 8am.  10k distance members of our team did a 2-mile loop, which went around the Warm Springs Ave. area.  The Half-Marathon distance (Race to Robie) members ran a nice 7-mile loop, which took them down Warm Springs Ave, across the river at Warm Springs Golf Course, and then down the Greenbelt through the BSU campus, before returning back to the park via Capitol Ave. and Fort St.

We all came together with a common bond this morning, in realization that what we have begun this morning has very significant meaning and purpose.  We participated in our workouts as a team this morning, all with the same mindset, that we are at the threshold of an event (Robie's Got Faith), which after April 22nd, will prove to be something very, very special to a sick little 5 year-old girl, and her family. 

Already, during the course of just a one hour workout together, some of us who were complete strangers before this morning, have now become very good friends, as everyone who showed up had at least one thing in common . . . concern, support and honor for Faith.  We thank everyone who showed up this morning to train with the group, and encourage all of you to come (and please bring your friends) and join us next Saturday morning (Feb. 18th) at 7:45am at Camel's Back Park (we will meet in the parking lot), so that you too can have the opportunity to meet some new friends, share in some laughs, get a good workout in, AND do all of this as we work together to begin building something very, very special to support 5 year-old Faith in her fight against leukemia.

See you all next Saturday!  :)

For Faith!

Week One of Team Training . . . DONE!

We had a good group turnout for our very first team training run and walk this morning. THANK YOU to all of you who made it out to get a good workout, and a few laughs in too, as we all bettered ourselves as we trained in honor of Faith. THANK YOU ALL! Be sure to mark you week, we will meet again on Saturday the 18th at 7:45am in the Camel's Back Park parking lot. See you then, and bring a friend!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Tomorrow Morning's Team Workout...

Don't forget, our first team workout is tomorrow.  Week 1 is going to be a fairly easy workout, as our main focus will be to make introductions, get to know one another and ease into training.  We will be meeting at 7:45am at Fort Boise Park, in the parking lot on the North side of the park (at the base of the military reserve by the dog park area).

For tomorrow, half-marathon runners will be doing an easy 6-mile course, 10k-ers will be doing an easy 2-mile course and 5k-ers will be doing an easy 1-mile course.  

Again, the goal for tomorrow is to meet-n-greet, get a good little workout in, and do a little team-building for Robie's Got Faith.

See you all in the AM!

We Have a "Face" and a "Voice" for Robie's Got Faith

Sarah crossing the finish line at the
Race to Robie Creek - 2011
In anticipation of some possible upcoming TV and radio announcements to help promote Robie's Got Faith, we would like thank our good friend, and fellow Robie runner, Sarah Price, for so graciously agreeing to be our "PR" person. She will be our "face" and "voice" to the general public, as we continue forward in promoting Robie's Got Faith to the general public.  THANK YOU, Sarah for all you have already done to help us getting our event organized and managed, and for all that you continue to do.  Without you, there is NO WAY we could have organized things so efficiently and so quickly!  THANK YOU!!!

An Update on Faith's Progress

An up-to-date report on Faith's current progress in her fight, can be found at CaringBridge (written by Stephanie, Aaron and Rachel's cousin who is with Aaron and Rachel this week to help them in caring for Faith, Will and Anna.)

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Team Training Begins this Saturday!

We realize that we have not formally launched our team registration process on our website.  However, we're just too darned excited not to begin meeting those of you who are planning on being a part of Team Robie's Got Faith.  So, for all of those who are planning on running or walking for Team Robie's Got Faith on April 21st and 22nd, we would like to invite you to join us this coming Saturday for our first official team training run / walk.

We will be meeting at 7:45am at Ft. Boise Park in the parking lot on the North side of the park (at the base of Military Reserve near the dog park).  We will have separates routes set up for all the folks training for Robie, all of those training for the10k and all of those training to run or walk the 5k.  Each group will have their own route mapped out for them for the day's training.  Also, don't worry, for the first week, we're going to ease into the training...routes mapped will be easy/moderate in their level of difficulty.  The main goal of this first week of training is simply for the members of the team to get introduced, and get to know one another.

Photo by Scott Urban (Thanks, Sara!)
IMPORTANT NOTE:  For those of you who have never trained for a race in a group setting, please do not worry about being "fast enough" or being able to go the full distance of the route we will be training on.  Our training groups will be set up so that you train at YOUR own pace, and that you go the distances that YOU feel comfortable with.

Group runs and walks are a great way to meet new people, make new friends and makes the whole training experience much more enjoyable, as you can focus on chatting, conversing and laughing with others as you run/walk, rather than focusing on how much work you're actually putting into a particular workout.  Also, studies do prove, that those who train in groups increase their overall performance and fitness levels at a much faster rate than those who train alone.

But, most of all, training as a team will help us all to remember sweet, little Faith, and also help us to remember why we're all doing what we're doing as part of Team Robie's Got Faith. 

We look forward to seeing you all at 7:45am on Saturday at Fort Boise Park!  Please Contact Us if you have any questions, comments or concerns beforehand.

A BIG Thank You to Metolius Forest Products!

Wow!  Daily we continue to be humbled and awestruck by the generosity of companies and organizations that have stepped up to fight this fight with Faith, and to ensure the success of Team Robie's Got Faith.  Today, we want to send a very BIG thank you to the good folks at Metolius Forest Products in Bend, Oregon for stepping up for the cause, and helping us with a VERY nice contribution to Robie's Got Faith.  We would like to welcome Metolius Forest Products to the Robie's Got Faith team and send a HUGE THANK YOU to these guys.  Without the support of sponsors like these, Robie's Got Faith would simply not be possible.  Again, a HUGE THANK YOU to Metolius Forest Products for their donation, support and prayers for Faith!  THANK YOU!!!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Faith's New iPad

Faith and her cousin Kennedy playing with Faith's new iPad
Faith's father, Aaron, works for Crane Point Industrial.  The fine folks at Crane Point Industrial gave Faith an iPad to help keep her amused during her stays at Doernbecher Children's Hospital, and to also keep her mind off of needle pricks, spinal taps, chemotherapy and all the other bad stuff that Faith has to go through during a typical day at the hospital.  

Crane Point Industrial also gave Faith's mother Rachel an iPhone, as the cell phone Rachel had was so old and out-of-date, that it didn't even allow her to communicate via text or Email to the outside world during the long days and nights that she has to spend at Doernbecher with Faith.  Thanks to her new iPhone, Rachel is now able to text and Email her husband Aaron throughout the day while he is at work, so that she can keep him updated as to what's going on at the hospital.  She's also able to text pictures and video to Aaron, so that he doesn't feel so far away from Faith while he's at work.

We give a very BIG THANK YOU to Crane Point Industrial for helping to brighten Faith's days during her stays at Doernbecher Children's Hospital.  THANK YOU Crane Point Industrial for your care and support of Faith and her family, and for being such a good employer to Faith's father.  THANK YOU!!!

A BIG THANK YOU to United Wholesale Lumber Company . . .

We are pleased, and very proud to announce the corporate sponsorship of United Wholesale Lumber Company!  We are so VERY thankful for the kind support of this great organization, and for their help in making Robie's Got Faith the very best event possible for Faith.  Thank you to our good friend, Tom Thayer and all of the fine folks at United Wholesale Lumber Company . . . we cannot thank you enough!  THANK YOU!

An Email from Faith's Dad . . .

An excerpt from an Email received last night from Aaron, Faith's dad:

"She’s doing well tonight, having a lot of fun with Will and Anna. She’s had energy to play and goof off these last few days. She’s even fighting with Will again which I am happy to hear! Tomorrow’s doctor appointment will include chemo, a spinal tap, & bone marrow test. Your continued prayers are really appreciated."

As you go throughout your day today, please keep Faith in your thoughts and prayers, as she goes through chemo, a spinal tap and a bone marrow biopsy today at Doernbecher Children's Hospital.  Thank you all for your continual prayers!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Thank you, Dixon Container Company!

We are extremely proud to announce the corporate sponsorship of Dixon Container Company!  A great company led by some very great people with hearts of gold!  Thanks to Dixon Container Company for your compassion, your support and for standing with Faith as we fight this good fight!  THANK YOU!!!  Everyone, please remember to do business with those who are fighting this fight with Faith!

Cute, Little Faith

She doesn't get to go out in public often, as her parents try to keep her away from colds, flus and germs that can cause an infection, which would put her back in the hospital.  But, last night, Faith was able to get outside to get some fresh air and take a walk with her family.  Here's a picture her dad shared with us today from the walk they took together last night.  Isn't she the cutest?

Announcing Corporate Sponsorship . . .

We received corporate sponsorship checks from Advocates for Inclusion, Idaho Fitness Factory and The Krazy Coupon Lady today.  No words can express or describe how thankful we are for these companies and their support of Faith in her fight.  We are truly humbled by their donations, and say THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts for helping make the Robie's Got Faith vision, a reality.  

To all others, please remember to support these companies who are standing in support of Faith!

Saturday, February 4, 2012


Welcome to!  

We finally have our website set up.  However, it's not quite fully operational, as we're still putting some pieces of the puzzle together.  

In the next few days, we'll be unveiling the official "Robie's Got Faith" logo (A BIG THANKS to Traci Yau of 45wall design for donating your time and your amazing creative talent in getting this designed for us).  Also, by Wednesday, Feb. 8th, we should have our t-shirts and race shirts online and ready for purchase (THANK YOU Sarah Price for coordinating all of the shirt details).  

Remember, to become part of Team Robie's Got Faith, all you have to do is purchase a t-shirt or a technical race shirt, and you officially become part of the team . . . it's just that easy.  It's important to note that when you do buy your t-shirts or race shirts to become part of our team, 100% of the money generated from the sales of those shirts, goes directly to Faith's benefit fund.  This is possible thanks to the kind and generous donations of our corporate sponsors, who have covered all of the initial costs of producing the shirts.  To all of our corporate sponsors, THANK YOU!  Team Robie's Got Faith would NOT be possible without you.

While you're here on the site, be sure to check out "Faith's Story", so that you can become acquainted with sweet, little 5 year-old Faith, and better understand her situation and why we are coming together as a community to honor her and help support her and her family in covering medical-related expenses, during this difficult time in her fight against leukemia.  

Also, while you're here, be sure to check out our "Schedule of Events". Starting next Saturday the 11th, we will be meeting at 7:45am at Ft. Boise Park in downtown Boise (near the dog park area), so that we can get together for our first training run.  We'll have routes set for both those who will be running the Race to Robie Creek, and for those who are training to run/walk the Robie's Got Faith 10K.  For those who have never been a part of a running/walking group, we highly encourage you to join us . . . you'll be glad you did.  Training in a group is MUCH more enjoyable than training alone.  We'll get a good workout in, have a great time and share in some laughs!

We'll be continually posting updates here on this site as new information becomes available.  So, bookmark it and/or "follow" this blog, and be sure to check back in soon!

We remain in faith, for Faith!